Hola 2012

I'm back from Mexico and just in time to reflect on the year past and the year ahead.

2011 was a good year for me. I received multiple promotions at work, gained new friends, enjoyed good health,  traveled the world, and shared weddings and babies with people that I love.

2012 is shaping up to be another spectacular year, and I couldn't be more excited about it.

But, I do want to be a better version of myself as I take on the next 12 months.

I took a look back at my first post of 2011 where I focused on a few things I wanted to achieve, and I have to say...I failed.

My 2011 goals were broken up in sections:

  • Complete 3 1/2 months at Motiv personal training. This is a huge financial commitment, which I think will help motivate me to get my money's worth while I am there.  Did this, spent a lot of money, didn't lose any weight. BUST.
  • Run a half marathon. This has been a thought of mine for a while, and I think 2011 is the year to get it done. I really want to run the Rock and Roll Chicago 1/2 marathon in September that way I have the whole summer to train for it. I don't have any time goals, I just want to finish it - and hopefully finish it with one of my friends which I'm planning on convincing to do it with me. Power in numbers, right!? Didn't do this, but I think you may see this on my 2012 list.
  • I am going to track my yearly miles and my goal is to run 400 miles this year. Didn't even attempt.
  • Do something after work besides veg in front of the television. Drank. So I don't think this counts. 
  • Become a slower, more conscious eater No.
  • Focus on the value of foods Not really
  • No alcohol, including wine, Sunday-Wednesday Not even close.
  • Be confident
  • Stay on task ....sure
  • Work on staying in touch. Even via email. Try and reach out to at least one long distant friend once a week. Could have been much better. 
  • Make plans with friends that I don't get to see often.
  • Calm. It. Down. Ha.
Okay, well, the past is the past, and the best thing about starting a new year is you get to start from scratch. 
The problem with of my goals from last year was that they weren't very measurable. Plus, I didn't ever check back to my list and measure my progress. 

But on to my 
2012 new years resolutions:

1. I will lose weight. Bottom line. And, I will start this immediately. 
How will I do this? I haven't fully committed. Exercise I have down, it's the eating I need to adjust. Maybe weight watchers, maybe the Lose it app? I don't know, but I exhaust myself constantly talking about this topic and not actually doing something, so I need to figure it out on my own.

2. I will run a half marathon 
I just signed up for this 1/2 marathon....like 2 minutes ago

AHHH! April 1st, here I COME!

3. I will be a more thoughtful, understanding, and less judgmental friend, sister, daughter, and girlfriend 

4. I will save money
I will focus on quality rather than quantity. I may spend more money up front on nicer things, but I will STOP buying junk at Forever 21, TJ Maxx, and Nordstrom's Rack.

5. I will be stronger
I will take things as they come, stand up for myself, not care what others think of my choices or decisions. 

6. I will be a better blogger.
I love to blog. It's really my only creative outlet and I vow to spend more time and energy growing this virtual scrapbook. I will have +300 followers by the end of the year, comment on more blogs, host a giveaway, guest post, figure out how to do a vlog, and do some product reviews. 

I'm so excited for what this year has to offer I could almost do a flip. I have a feeling 2012 is going to be the best year yet!

p.s. lots of mexico pictures coming up soon! 


  1. Love these goals. They are very measurable and challenging. Good luck and all the best for 2012! I especially like (read: may borrow) your goal for not buying JUNK, and your blogging goals. Go for it!

  2. love your goals! I'm sure if you set your mind to them you can complete them all! I can't wait to see your pictures from Mexico! Happy New Years!

  3. Way to go! You can do it girl :)

  4. these sound like great resolutions! and congrats on signing up for a half marathon! take it one day at a time and you can definitely achieve these!