Thoughts for Friday

My day has been made.....

Thank God the week after New Years is a short one. Are you with me on that?

This week has been wild and crazy, and completely unexpected. Lots of things at work have been changed up, and may be rocking my boat more than I’m expecting. I wish I could get into it more but, alas, you never know who is reading….

Remember when I told you about the “secret dining” program that Joel and I are participating in? Well our first experience was last night. We went to Big Bowl in the Gold Coast and had a really fun time. Joel and I go out to dinner a lot, and it was pretty fun to talk about the presentation and service under cover. You have to take notes on lots of little things, like how long it took the server to check in on you after your food was set, and then record all of that information on your phone.

Even though it is a little bit of work, dinner and our taxi home were both free. It’s a really good gig and something I’m looking forward to for the next 6 weeks.

Since we were in Mexico over Christmas, I missed out on seeing all of my cousins. Tonight my cousin Erin, on my dad’s side, is hosting a lot of cousins for dinner and games. I’m looking forward to a low-key night, and since I’m driving, I’ll be ensuring a low key night.

Now that I’m training for a half marathon, one of the weekend nights has to be low on the alcohol intake so that I can fit in a big run. Saturday morning I’ve got to pound out 4 miles, and I really don’t need a wine headache to interfere with that.

I have about 13 loads of laundry I need to get down on Saturday, and then a group of 10 of us are going to a BYOB Mexican, Frida’s, on Southport. I’m really looking forward to fitting in a lot of time with friends and family – and still trying to be as productive as possible.

Have a great weeknd girls.

Have you been watching 2 Broke Girls? I caught up on it last night after dinner, and just about peed my pants about 3 times. Please go set your DVR’s – it’s so good.


  1. Sounds like you're going to be busy! Hopefully it'll be a good weekend for ya!

    And I LOVE 2 Broke Girls - hilarious!

  2. Hope you are having a good weekend!

  3. Oh, I'd love to be an undercover diner - too fun!!!

  4. Love the color scheme in that first room. So pretty and calming!

    I tagged you in a blog game on my page, in case you want to play along :)

    Hope you're having a good day.