octupuy homes

I’ve always been obsessed with this tri-octopus painting. The first time I saw it was an episode of Dress my Nest where Guiliana Rancic got her LA apartment redone.

Then, when Bill and Guiliana started their reality show, it showed up again.

I love the colors, and the look, and so I sort of, kind of, tried to replicated the look in my own living room.

I had forgotten about my love for this painting until it popped up yesterday on Pintrest.

I tried to do a little research online (i.e. find out the price and how I can order it), but came up with nothing. I think you can buy it, or once could, here – but alas, nothing available anymore
During my research, I did find lots of other pretty images of Bill and Guiliana’s house. You can tell it’s got that “decorators touch”, but you can definitely tell their style from room to room, house to house.

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