Paris Club Review

Last night Joel and I went on our second adventure as secret diners. We went to Paris Club in Chicago, which we’ve both been to before a handful of times.

It’s a trendy new restaurant in Chicago – French small plates are their specialty, but I really like the interior and vibe of the restaurant, so I was excited to visit as a rater.

We got to the restaurant before our reservation and were able to order a round of drinks at the bar.

I ordered the French martini – which was only fitting – with an extra shot of Prosecco. This is my drink of choice as of late and let's just say this martini earned high marks.

You do have to review the bathrooms at the restaurants, which I appreciate – because, who likes to use a dirty bathroom, but Paris Club’s bathroom was so clean you could eat your dinner in there.

Once we sat down, we had to rate everything with a fine tooth comb. Our review is typically 7-10 pages in length. I don’t want to bore you with the minor details, but one area that I did have to knock off points was when the waitress arrived to welcome us.

We could smell her before she opened her mouth.

The girl had taken a bath in perfume.

And, when you are eating food – that can be really, really distracting.

Other than that, she was fabulous and I’m very aware that these secret diners can be responsible for staff losing their jobs, so we are as forgiving as possible - as that is SO not my intention while completing these reviews. Our focus is on the food.

The restaurant was really empty on a Monday night, so we got great seats and were able to have a little privacy too.

We started with 2 small plates – per our requirements.

We’ve both enjoyed the drippings on toast before, so we went for another round of that. High Marks!

The Duck Cracklings were a different story. They tasted like salt and vinegar chips but were way too fried and not worth the calories.

For dinner I had amazing Nantucket scallops and Joel had the skate. Both were cooked to perfection and thoroughly enjoyed.

My favorite dessert is their pistachio pudding, which comes with a heath bar like crunch on top. We had to order it – and it did not disappoint.

Overall it was a great experience and if you ever find yourself in Chicago – I’d be sure to put it on your list. For everything we ordered, drinks included – our total was $120 dollars for 2.


  1. that looks delicious. yum! do you know if they have programs in ny?

  2. I love Paris Club! We need to get together soon so I can hear more about this restaurant reviewing..sounds right up my alley! :)