I am loving Francesca’s.

It’s a great boutique, with affordable trendy pieces. I find it to be much better quality than Forever 21 or H&M. The typical blouse is about $38, while dresses run $44-$64. The last few pieces I’ve picked up from Francesca’s I’ve loved, and whenever I wear them I get lots of compliments – so I think it’s win win.

I am loving that tonight is book club! We are discussing all three books of The Hunger Games. If you haven’t read, I’ve been obsessed with them. I can’t wait to talk with everyone about what they thought, where they were surprised, what certain things meant, etc.

I am loving that I was able to use my last 2 cans of pumpkin to bake some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins to bring over to book club. I used this easy recipe here.

I am loving training for my half marathon. It’s really fun to put a big, fat X on my schedule after I’ve completed a workout. I literally think to myself on the treadmill, “just 5 more minutes, and you get to cross this off”. I was clearly a very well trained student.

I am loving that I joined the runner’s club here at work. It’s really motivating to run with a big group of co-workers, and it’s so nice to get outside of the office and run along the lake. Today’s high is like 18 degrees, but I think it will be fun to run in the cold with a big group of people. We are going to do 3 miles today, but since my schedule calls for 3.5 miles, I’m going to run a fast ½ mile on the treadmill when we get back.

I am loving that my parents are finally back from Mexico. I’ve missed talking to my mom after work.

I am loving the opportunities that have been presenting themselves to Joel and I lately.

I am loving Dentyne Pure. It’s gum and mouthwash mixed into 1. Doesn’t sound great, but it actually is. It’s like normal dentyne, but when you chew the first bite, you get a little squirt of mouth wash. ….. I’m not making this sound good…..but it really freshens your breath and does taste good…I promise.

I am loving that it’s Wednesday. We are almost there!


  1. Call me crazy but sometimes I find that every single thing at Francesca's is too short for me. Maybe I just have a weird phobia of showing my hoo-haa, but for real... it stresses me out.

  2. looks like i am going to have to break down and read the hunger games with all this talk about it!

  3. I've only been to Francesca's a couple times and like their accessories, but never looked at their clothes...I'll have to do that next time!

    And those muffins sound delicious, I'm going to need to remember that!

  4. Love that chart... I need something like that for motivation. Good for you!

  5. lots of fun things going on for you! oh, and must check out that gum!!!!

  6. those muffins sound delish! I agree that Francesca's is much better quality than Forever of H&M!

  7. I just had so much fun catching up on your posts ~ I'm on book 3 of the Hunger Games, no spoilers! :)

  8. I am reading te 3rd book of the Hunger Games right now...obsessed.