Scoozi! Review

It’s never a good idea to eat at a restaurant on a Monday night. Especially when that restaurant is fully paid for by someone else.

It just encourages eating and drinking too much.

But, it’s our side job, and somebody has to do it ;)

Last night’s secret rater dinner was at Scoozi! In River North. It’s an Italian restaurant with the feel of dining in an old warehouse. It’s wide open and big with a wood burning oven in the back. The ambiance is good – if not a little on the family friendly side…which is both good and bad.

I got to the restaurant about 30 minutes before Joel so I parked myself up at the bar and ordered my new favorite drink. A French martini with a shot of prosecco. So freaking good.

 By the time Joel and I sat down we were both hangry.

Never a good thing to be at an Italian restaurant.

They started us off with bread and some olive oil, and we put in an order for a flat pizza.

We went with the mushroom, arugula, truffle.

This was my favorite thing we ate. Highly recommend it.
For dinner I ordered their mushroom risotto special, which was fine. They added pea’s into the dish which I found unnecessary - but the hint of truffle oil kept me coming back for more.

Joel ordered this pasta dish, which I forget the name of. The noodles were lightly fried, which I did not like….crunchy pasta is not something that I find desirable.

Since we were eating for free, we decided we may as well order some dang dessert. We went with the chocolate cake. Whoa, was it rich. We each had about 3 big bites and called it a night.

Overall the food, and the ambiance are just…ok. I wouldn’t run here, but I don’t think anyone will leave unhappy.

For all of the food, and a glass of wine for us both, the bill came to $80. I’d give Scoozi! a 2.5 out 5. I think you could find a better Italian spot in the neighborhood.


  1. The only time I've been to Scoozi was on a date in high school, and at that time, I was impressed. A lot has changed since then though :) Thanks for the review!

  2. That pizza looks great! Thanks for sharing.