Socail Media

Let’s talk about customer service and the power of social media, for just one quick second.

There are no longer any boundaries between companies and their customers. If you piss me off, I can blast you on twitter.

Now, while I’m sure that actually does happen a lot, on the flip (and polite side) it is nice to know that if you have an issue with a particular product, you can get in touch with a representative at their corporate office pretty darn quick.

However, I have 2 examples I wanted to share.

Right before I left for Mexico I ordered a pair of Jack Roger’s sandals on Gilt Group. They arrived to my office in 48 hours and when I opened the box, the right shoe was broken. Where the thong of the shoe and the soleshould attach, it was not.

And I really wish I would have taken a picture, but in my rage, I failed to do so.

I got on twitter, asked Gilt to help, and they did could  not. All they could do for me, since the shoe was sold out was refund my money (obviously, Gilt – that is not a token of consolation) and offer to put me at the top of the waitlist to see if I'd be able to get the shoes at a later time – which, for me, was not good enough.

If you can’t get me the new shoes based on your business model, that’s understandable, but if you want to save a customer – throw ina little sympathy and a gift certificate.

Here’s a little snipit of how it went down:

And remember, I had these shoes for 12 seconds.

But, whatever. It’s the last time I will shop with Gilt. Had I paid the extra $20 bucks that Nordstrom’s sells them
for, I would have shoes in good condition and service whenever needed.

Now, a totally different example.

Joel went for 12 mile run last Tuesday. During his run, his Brooks running tights ripped down the seam.

He’s an avid runner, wears these tights frequently, and has had these tights for about 6 months.

He tweeted Brooks.

And guess what, they sent him brand new pants in 24 hours.

And guess who will be loyal customers to Brooks?

Isn’t it funny that with by showing emotional customer service, and handling situations in a generous way will actually get you more business in the long run?

I’m sure we’ve all had a lot of situations likes these, but as customers, we should use twitter and our blogs to the best of our ability. Companies deserve to be held accountable. For the good and the bad.


  1. Such good examples. LOVE good customer service!!!

  2. That's awesome..about Brooks, not Gilt. I totally write a company off if i have an issue and they don't make it better.

  3. I LOVE good customer service, but there is NOTHING worse than BAD customer service! ugh! Sorry you had to go through that.

  4. I love that you wrote about both the positive & negatives of social media! I actually just used this as an example in my marketing class' online discussion!