A SoCal Fall

Fall is, and always will be, my absolute favorite season. I love the back-to-school air, the leaves that change colors, and the built in excuse to stay home by the fire and drink hot coco.

This year, I won't even get a chance to see Chicago in the fall, so I am determined to make the best of fall here in my new home of Los Angeles by completing each of the following:
  • Bringing the pup along on our annual pumpkin patch trip! Joel hates this outing - claiming its weird that we go when we don't have any kids - but I think it's a really fun way to spend an afternoon, and now that it's a built in tradition, he's going to lose the battle. I even found this pumpkin patch that's only a few miles away from our house.
  • Speaking of traditions this will be our 6th annual turkey trot. (For me personally, it'll be my 8th!). It's such a fun way to start Thanksgiving and I'm already excited that I am not going to freeze my ass off this year.
  • Okay, last speaking of, but speaking of Thanksgiving, I'm going to try and not cry too much about the fact that I'm not going home to be with them this year. This is my first real holiday away from my family, and it's not going to be easy. After the loss of my aunt in March, it really pains me that I'm not going to be with my mom and cousins at a time when they need the support, but unfortunately, we have to make some sacrifices with this move, and this is one of them. 
  • Paint pumpkins!
Monogram Pumpkin Tutorial
  • Bring sweet treats to Joel's office
Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies!
  • Host a Halloween get together with chili and pumpkin beer.
Fall table setting in the outdoors. #fall #dining #party #wedding #pumpkins #outdoors
  • Dress up every day.
  • Explore one new town in California - and I'm hoping it's Laguna Beach!  
  • Keep up with running - set a goal and accomplish it.
  • Buy some new boots
Wanting some chunky-heeled black leather boots
  • And a cute, quilted puffy vest
puffy vest. orange
  • And lastly, somehow remember to take this picture when I have a little bambino!omg, little pumpkin


  1. I love fall.... and you have me REALLY wanting to go to a pumpkin patch. Asap.

  2. Fall is definitely the best. Sad you won't make it home to Chicago this year, but I'm sure it will be nice to create a new tradition of your own with your soon-to-be hubby. :)

  3. sorry you won't be able to be with your family for thanksgiving...i'm a sucker for family traditions and that would be really hard for me too. take it as an opportunity to start a new tradition!

    that last picture is so, so cute!

  4. Fall is definitely my fave! I'm going to a pumpkin patch this weekend, so excited!

  5. Not being home for the holidays is hard, but it is time for you and Joel to create new traditions. Our group of friends gets together for Thanksgiving every year and we have a blast. Homemade sangria, potluck dinner, football=always a good time.

  6. Not being with your family for Thanksgiving will be hard, but you could always think of it as an opportunity to begin even more new family traditions with Joel. Plus, there's always Skype, which I know isn't the same, but still helps.