GNI: Girly Night In

My fiance has been out of town for the last two night, and while we have missed him, it has been pretty fun relishing in some girly nights.


I like to put on country music and have a little dance party to welcome in the 5'oclock hour. I feel that is the proper introduction that f i v e o c l o c k deserves. Speaking of which, I'm seriously getting into country music. My Iowa girls would be so proud of me when I'm screaming every lyic to the new Josh Turner, Time is Love song.

But, back to my GNI.

After my concert, I took my book and a glass of wine and parked myself outside until I damn well pleased. The dog didn't get fed until 8pm, but he survived.

And, I ate a frozen individual pizza for dinner, had zero dishes to clean (because yes, I used a paper towel), watched a Gallery Girls marathon, and pinned my little heart away. It was basically like I was in college again.

I don't think I could live in my quiet house all alone, everyday, and I would miss Joel way too much...but I do have to say that it was pretty fun to spend a day with just myself....and sleep in the middle of the bed.

look and feel fab always


  1. I love having those days to myself every now and then. Definitely nice to just do what I want. :)

  2. Every girl needs a night alone from time to time! They are the best. :)

  3. Sometimes a change is just needed. Sounds like a wonderful day!