Building a Bar Cart

When we moved to LA, I picked up two of these serving, folding tables. I loved the look of them and immediately found a use for one as my entry table. The second one however, never found a true home and has been moved from room to room for the last six months.

Lately, it's been sitting in the living room lonely and bare. And quite frankly - it looked really awkward.

I know the tray table seems to be screaming to be turned into a bar cart, but I didn't want it took like I was constantly setting up for a party.

I started pinning some inspiration images to get some styling tips - and using things I already had around the house, I went for it.

I'm still a little hesitant - because it does kind of looking are hosting something - but it's a fun way to use the lonely cart so I'm going to keep it for now and see if it grows on me.

What do you think? A win?


  1. cute idea. who cares if it looks like you're hosting. now you're always prepared if someone comes over!! i might try this!!

  2. cute idea. who cares if it looks like you're hosting. now you're always prepared if someone comes over!! i might try this!!

  3. I think it looks cute. Are those napkins or coasters that say "drink". They're an adorable addition. :)

  4. I also got myself one of those little tables a while ago but made from acryl, so basically see-through hard plastic. I was originally also planning on turning it into a bar but I think a) some liquor shouldn't be stored in daylight, b) some liquor I definitely prefer cold and c) I am too lazy in dusting off all those bottles all the time.

    So what I did was I bought a nice little lamp and some decorating books (they actually arrived in the mail today, yeah) and they look lovely (and quite sophisticated, another yeah) on the table. I am topping it off with a nice big candle from Zara Home but everything else (Bath & Bodyworks etc.) will do as well.

    And another little tip: try to place the table not right in the corner but a little bit cricket. It might take up a bit more space but also looks a bit better (takes away that feeling of the little table standing in the corner, not knowing what to do with it).

    Btw, LOVE reading your blog. I just keep moving around Europe (currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark) but I really really REALLY hope that the fiancé and I can at some point also move to the States again (I went to school in ND for a while). And reading your blog helps me get over the time until we move :) And I love picking up wedding ideas.

    Love from Denmark,

  5. Ahh i love this. A bar cart is my current obsession and I have been stalking craiglist to find something to DIY into one! This is such a great idea to add to my inspiration pins :)

  6. I love the idea of a bar cart. I follow Roxy Te ("My Cup of Te" blog's author) who started Society Social which is focussed on bar carts. She's got some great ideas of how to make them work design-wise and practically, so check her out!