I finally found a crocheted shirt - and figured out a cute way to rock it
We finally took Roscoe on a road trip. This dog loves cars more than anything and couldn't have been more thrilled to spend two hours on the lone road.

It finally got so hot that I seriously thought about flying home and not coming back!

I finally went to my first NFL game - Chargers vs. Titans. Our Tennessee boys did not play so hot, but it was a fun game either way.

We finally got to spend some time with Joel's brother and new sister-in-law. We are so lucky to have them.

I finally think today, I'm going to need a lot of both of these...
 Coffee, I need coffee
And a maybe a nap.


  1. Roscoe looks so damn adorable peeping through the car. What a cutie pie!

    Let's email again this week, shell we? I have nothing exciting to say... but then again, when do I ever?

  2. Loving your outfit in that first photo! So fun that you got to go to a football game. The weather looks like it was gorgeous. :)

  3. Seriously Roscoe is SO cute!!!!!! I would love to steal him :)

  4. Oh my gosh, how adorable is Roscoe?! And love how you put together the crochet shirt!

  5. ummm...amen to that last picture. i feel like i can't get enough caffeine today, even though i'm trying to cut back!

  6. That's a lot of happy finallys! I love that mug in the last photo, too cute!