Getting back into the grind

Wish I was on this road right now. 

Finally, after about a 7 month break, I've started to get my ass back on the pavement and get some use out of my running shoes and this non-stop perfect California weather.

Running has always been a passion of mine I've run about 15 races, as long as a 10k, and gotten up to about 8 miles as a personal record. But, with Chicago winter's, I always took a break from Thanksgiving - St. Patricks day.

This year, however, a lot of other things were happening in February and March, and I put running, and exercise as a whole, on the back burner. I had gone from 4-5 workouts weekly, to maybe 1 or 2. My weight hadn't changed and so I decided that exercise wasn't essential to my everyday routine.
Ready to Rock n Roll 

Now that we live in California, I've been working almost primarily at home, and Joel has been working almost 80-90 hour weeks, which means that I'm home....alone...a lot. It's so easy to sleep in, sit on the couch all day, take naps, and wait for the hours to click by. I've lacked motivation and an all around sense of energy for the last few months. I've chalked it up to lots of things; busy weekends, tons of traveling, wedding planning, and too much booze, but what it really comes down to is that I haven't been working out daily. I haven't put myself on a productive schedule even though I know that I work at my optimal potential when I am.

But good news all....

This weekend, I've finally snapped out of my fog.

I forced myself out for a 2.5 mile run Saturday morning.  When I got back home, I focused for ten minutes on how I felt once I had finished: proud, effective, accomplished, and healthy. It took me about 30 minutes - not even a dent in my long days - and it made my entire day better.

When Monday came around, I set a goal for myself to run the same 2.5 mile route everyday this week.

It's Thursday and I'm 4 out of 4.  It's made an enormous difference in my week, I feel like my eyes are open wider, I'm not staying in my Lululemon's all day, and I'm buzzing with a happier mindset.

It's not rocket science that exercise is so essential to everyday life, but I've finally determined that exercise is so essential to MY everyday life. Maybe it doesn't make the scale move as much as I wish it did - but it makes me feel better. It makes me act better. And that combination is worth making exercise a priority every. single. day.


  1. congrats on finding your motivation! i'm always amazed at how much better i feel on days that i run as opposed to days that i keep hitting snooze and NOT running...

  2. Giirl, that's so great!! Look at you getting back to it!

    I'm about to hit 1 month of not working out. I feel like a loser. And I've given myself 3 days to start back up this week. Didn't take.

    There's always tomorrow, right?

  3. Nicely done! Sounds like you're well on your way to making it a daily habit.

  4. Get it Tess!! The only thing that can snap you out of it, is you. And I completely agree, even if the scale doesn't move, the difference in your attitude alone with working out consistently is a big difference from now!

  5. I have to laugh because the weather this week has been too warm and humid for me but I realize I'm just spoiled and not used to humidity anymore (been away from DC for 3 years!).

    I started couch to 5K almost 2 months ago and I forgot how much I love running. I had taken a really long break so I had to start at the very beginning again.

    Maybe we'll run into each other at a 5k this fall!

  6. I too have noticed a huge difference in how I feel when I'm exercising regularly versus when I'm not (aka now). It's frustrating because I'll get in to a good routine, finally build up my endurance, and then as soon as I break the routine it's as if all is lost. Your post is a helpful reminder that you just have to start/ do something. It doesn't have to be as fast or as far as before- but just doing anything is valuable. Good for you :)

  7. I absolutely and totally agree. This was a realization I literally had two days ago and it is amazing how much one thing can positively affect all of the rest.