What $100 buys you at Trader Joe's

 My receipt for this week's grocery haul came out to EXACTLY $100 buckaroo's and it had blog post written all over it.

Joel and I try to do a "light" grocery trip once a week. I'm not sure how much other couples cook, or eat, but we average around $400.00/month on groceries. This week's trip included almost all of our standards, except sea food. We are going out both Friday and Saturday so we decided to skip the typical salmon, shrimp, or tilipia that we would normally grab.

Joel is traveling to Carlsbad this week, so I'm alone for dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then I have plans Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with girls.

With that being said, I had to get a lot of things that would make decent meals for one. I plan to make a and mini pizza tonight, and will have Chicken sausage and leftovers ready for Joel when he's on his own. 

This frozen pulled pork is the fastest, and yummiest dinner option ever. It's high in sodium, but it feels like take-out and it's gotta be better than that!

Another quickie mix that I love to pick up are the pre-cooked turkey meatballs. They are low in calories (about 130 for two), super easy to add to pasta, and they really beef up dinner without adding time to prep. 

If you look at this list and buy anything from it, make your buy these bad boys.$1.99 worth of Heaven. They are my dessert every night (60cals for two)

Our crowd favorite salad dressing is this amazing Cilantro dressing. I use it all the time and without fail someone always begs for the recipe!


This Dubliner cheddar is my favorite appetizer and the hardest part is deciding if I want to pair it with red or white wine. 

How much do you spend at the grocery store? Am I missing any TJ's winners? Tell me! Tell me!


  1. I LOVE Trader Joe's. I typically spend about $100 a week (sometimes less) for the two of us. Meal planning really helps, and I like to buy some items that can be frozen in case plans come up and I don't end up using them within the week. Looks like you've grabbed some great things. I may have to try those little banana bites. I look at them every time I'm there. One thing I'd recommend for dessert is the mini soy ice cream sandwiches (also in the frozen section). They come in vanilla and chocolate and are only 90 calories for one little sandwich. The soy ice cream is so creamy and delicious you'd never know the difference. :)

  2. were about the same, sometimes less, sometimes more. i love the truffle oil mushroom pizza!

  3. I am scared to even look into how much I spend on groceries a month. Poor planning = poor spending.

    Trader joe's frozen chicken lo mein is delicious. I also buy their cheeses, hummus, and specialty chocolate-covered anything. Lots of bang for your buck at TJs!

  4. I love seeing what other people are buying! We are Trader Joes loyalists as well- the turkey meatballs are a staple in our house, along w. the chicken sausage & the fat free Greek yogurt. My go-to after work snack is TJ organic hummus (i like the flavor best)+ broccoli florets. We love the frozen shrimp gyoza + soyaki. The Roasted Tomato & Red Pepper soup is another staple(i cook it with a few handfuls of spinach). And I recently tried the reduced guilt spinach & kale yogurt dip (w. pita crackers & carrots sticks) and it was surprisingly good.
    As for weekly grocery bill...we are probably somewhere in the $150/week camp since we like certain things from different stores (Sean *has* to have sliced deli meat from Bristol Farms).
    I NEED to try the banana bites but I'm a little nervous to have one more addictive treat in the house! Oh and I am no longer allowed to buy the Crispy Crunch Chocolate Chip Cookies (=crack). I lose all self control when they are in the house. :)

  5. TJ's is seriously the best. Staples that I always buy from there are: organic lettuce, organic spinach, organic cherry tomatoes, powerberries (SO good!!), oatmeal, sweet potato chips, chocolate soy milk, spinach tortellini, and Luna bars.

    Ryan LOVES their cilantro dressing. Every now and then will we pick up something extra to try.

    And we usually spend anywhere from $60-100 on groceries a week. It depends on what needs to be restocked, and what I'm also making for the week.

  6. I live an hour from a Trader Joe's. Boooooooo to delicious delicious food so far away.

  7. Yesss, thank you for doing this! I am always looking for new TJ items! I always seem to be running in and out of there and never have time to explore! I think those meatballs and cilantro dressing need to come home with me next time!

  8. if only I could restrict myself at Trader Joes.. it's like going to Target. I go in with one thing in mind and come out with 5 bags full...

  9. I spend $30-40 a week right now, but that is likely to go up. I wish I lived closer to a Trader Joe's, this haul/selection looks AMAZING.

  10. Just being nosy, do you only shop at TJ?