Peter, Who?

Ever since seeing this top appear across my pintrest I have made the executive decision that this  $75 Peter Pan knit from J.Crew will be making its way into my closet at once.

And I'd layer it with this Old Navy vest if I could ever get my hands on it:

Which would pair dashingly with my my old favs, the ever-popular Steve Madden riding boots...


And IF I was lucky enough I had Van Cleef baubles, I'd throw them right on top to give the outfit a little sophistication. This outfit would make the best dressed list no matter where you were! 




  1. I broke my own no-shopping ban to order 2 pairs of boots. They better hurry up and get here before regret sets in.

  2. I love that J. Crew top. So gorgeous.

  3. I love the collar look this season!