5 Facts

Happy Sunday!
Here are a few fun tid-bits about moi!

1. I have bad anxiety. I've had bad anxiety since I was a little girl and I remember waking up in the mornings, trying to explain to my mom what was bothering me, and all I could ever come up with was "bad thoughts". The bad thoughts only got worse, and finally at age 20 I saw a doctor. I worry about a slew of things, but my main concerns are the health of myself and people that I love and flying. Moving out to California, the reduction of overall stress, and the increase of sunshine have majorly helped. Exercise, sleep, and relaxation techniques are also worth their weight in gold.

And yes, wine does fall under the category of relaxation techniques.

2. I have "textile-phobia". There is a long list of materials that I cannot wear or have in my house: dry-fit, velvet, fleece, silk, nylons or wool. When I was shopping for my wedding dress, the number one thing that I cared about was the feel of the dress. I'm just ultra sensitive to the feel of things, which poses major problems when trying to pick out clothes, bed sheets, couches, etc. People think I'm crazy, but again, it's been like that since I was a kid. I would cry when I had to wear velvet dresses and tights to Christmas dinner and would literally strip down naked when we got into the car after the party.

Best part of living in California? Never a need for nylons OR velvet.

3. I'm allergic to flowers that show pollen. When Joel proposed, he had our entire hotel room overloaded with roses and lilies. I spent the next two weeks covered in hives.

4. I am confident. I have plenty of other issues, but being confident is not one of them. I've never been shy in large groups which has boded well for me both personally and professionally.

5. I went to the University of Iowa and graduated with a degree in elementary education. I love kids and can't wait to have my own, but I didn't like teaching as much as I expected to, and alas, am not doing it.

So, your turn.
Gimmie your goods! 


  1. Loving the honesty. Anxiety is not a fun thing at all. Luckily mine isn't bad at all but I can only imagine.

  2. You and Joel with babies. AHH. Too cute!

  3. You're speaking my anxiety language. Ultra-sensitive to touch, sounds, smells, etc. Cannot explain why certain things make me insane.

    See also: exercise; wine; therapy; anti-anxiety meds (prescription AND OTC); sleep. Weirdly, solid nights of sleep really help allay the crazies. (So, add to that list: kids Benadryl, the drowsy kind, and/or Ambien. WHEE.)

  4. One of my best friends struggles with anxiety and it's definitely a continuous struggle. But from her, I know having a great support system is huge, and definitely helps her get through her day.