Friday Thoughts

You know those weeks when you are just really short tempered, irritable, and pretty much just not a joy to be around? That was my week. Everything bugged me. I hate week's like that. I want to not snap at you for biting down on your fork and making the worst possible noise ever, by I physically can't stop myself.

And in other news I have become a stalker. 

I have literally spent four solid hours stalking these two girls; Jacey and Sarah. I'm talking like major instagram, twitter, blog, and google stalking. I started creeping myself out, but I am clearly late to the punch since they both are running enormous businesses out of their blog, but they are just so perfect.


If you're bored tonight, I highly recommend starting with both of their instagram accounts. You're going to hate your life though. **You've been warned**

Did I mention that I saw the WAY sexy Josh Duhamel. He was in his car -  his non-descript black pick up truck, in the same parking lot as me, sitting RIGHT next to me. I looked over once, and then a 2nd time, and then I wanted to look for a 643th time but I had to fight the urge SO bad. He is so pretty.

And all of my girlfriends and I have agreed that we like him even better now that we know he isn't riding around in a Range Rover like every other celeb in LA!

Tonight I'm heading to see a friend where she is telling us if her bambino-to-be is a boy or a girl. It's the first baby in our bunch and I'm just so excited!!
Have a great weekend ladies! 


  1. Yay for baby boys and girls!!!!

    Also, I refuse to click those blog links. NOT HAPPENING.

  2. Happy Friday! I love that you're sharing your celeb sightings. That's definitely a good one. :) Hopefully there are many more in your future.

  3. So jealous that you saw Josh Duhamel. UGH.