My Stress Reducers

I've never struggled with making myself feel better.  I never feel bad about taking time out of my day, month, or year, for "me" time. I think I get it from my Grandma. 

It's not that we are selfish, but just aware, that it makes everything and everyone better if you know how to deal with your stress, or your foul mood.

These are my go-to areas for pick-me up's, whenever, wherever.

This is pretty self explanatory, but wine has a major de-stressor quality for me. The romance of 5pm, uncorking a bottle, drinking out of pretty glass...the whole process of it makes time slow down for me.

I go through so many freaking candles on a weekly basis I should open my own store. Since I work from home, I like the ambiance they create so I always have them burning at my desk  kitchen table. Then, too, at night, I like them burning for the smell and the relaxation effects. And if people come over, candles totally set the mood.

Bubble Baths
Quite honestly, I don't even need the bubbles. And, if my first two de-stressors are included in the bath, I may as well die and go to heaven.

Busy Work
With my wedding, and all of my generous family and friends, I've been spending a lot of time writing thank-you notes. For some people, this is totally a chore, but I love it. I love to focus on my handwriting and the words, and it turns out to be really relaxing for me.

Cheap Thrills
 Sometimes during the work week, I just need a little pick me up. I love to browse the sale racks at J.Crew, or Loft, or Target. It's a good way to kill lunch hour while I'm in the field and sometimes I get really lucky. 

 Right now, I'm kind of into cooking. I like finding and researching recipe's on Pintrest and then giving them a whirl in my own kitchen. It's been just within this year that I've started to really get the hang of cooking. Plus, Joel seriously loves food and he totally makes it extra fun by devouring even the worst of my meals.
Frank Sinatra Pandora
This is the best station I've found. I play it when I'm cooking, working, and hosting friends. It's equal parts relaxing and energizing. 

Getting outside
Even if it's just sitting out on my patio, I've started to become the kind of person who needs fresh air everyday.  I'm blaming California.

Gab Session
One of the only good things about the West Coast time difference (from Chicago) is that at 5pm, all of my friends are home and finished with dinner, and normally have the time to take my calls. I love to take Roscoe for a walk while I catch up so that I can kill a few birds with one stone.

Chick Flicks and/or HGTV
Every week I try to look at the schedule of TBS or Oxygen movies, to see if I want to record any classics. I like to watch a girlie movie at like 7am on a Saturday morning or if I find myself alone during the week, so it's always nice to have  a stock pile of go-to's on my DVR.

Puppy Cuddles
There is just something euphoric about puppies that love you. Roscoe will always let me put him on my lap, squeeze him as tight as needed, and will lick my face forever.

*These are listed in no particular order
**except for #1


  1. All hail the wine.

    I really want to take a bubble bath now. That sounds SO heavenly. Need more hours in a day.

    Also, I do not have a love of the busy work, especially Thank You notes. I thought about pre-addressing my envelopes for Sunday's shower before I go this week - just to pep myself up for the task!

    And yes, Target IS the best de-stresser.

  2. Love your pretty ring!! I find catharsis in cleaning, too, but HELLO obviously wine :)

  3. Obviously, wine is top tier of all things relaxing and cheerful.

    Me time is some of my favorite time of the day. I love to just turn on music, open my shades (my condo is floor to ceiling windows- so the light makes me happy), and do something where my mind can escape (cook, clean, and shop online).

    Without wine and me time I think we would all go insane.

  4. Definitely a great list here. I love that first photo. That's actually the only winery in CA I've been to so far! :)

  5. Wow I feel like this is my list too!!! I've got Frank cued up, while I cook & guzzle my wine in the evenings.....the perfect way to end the day :-)

  6. Great list! I am the same with many of these. :)

  7. Love all these. I'm a huge Target fan (there is one like a mile away), wine lover and sunshine fan! I would like to hear some of your favorite wines. You should totally do a post, kind of how Designer Bags does.

  8. I totally agree with all of them! After the week of testing and comps we are having a pizza/daiquiri date. Let the relaxing begin:)

  9. Needing the outdoors is totally a West Coast thing.