Weekend Report

 On Friday afternoon, just as my work day was ending, my girl Laura tweeted that she was free and up for meeting for drinks. It was the best impromptu happy hour I've ever had!

At 5pm, I met Joel for dinner at Dawn's house. Her husband and her are expecting and had found out the sex earlier in the afternoon. Everyone wore their guess in the form of their clothing.


Dawn had balloons filled up to reveal the surprise, and it was so exciting when she popped the....

BLUE balloon! 

It's the first baby in my California family, and I can't wait to shower the little mister with lots of love.

 I decided to be a good friend and drink for myself, and for Dawn, since she obviously cannot, and let's just say I paid a dear price for it on our Saturday morning hike.

Joel, Shelby, and I were on the road by 8am ready to sweat off some of the calories. Shelby and I are were about half way in when we witnessed an absolutely horrible biking accident. The man was going downhill, hit a boulder, and flew 10 feet off of his bike. He was THANK GOD, wearing a helmet, that crushed to pieces during his fall.

It was an incredibly foggy morning so when we tried to call the police, they weren't able to drop a helicopter on our location. Shelby and I (Joel was running and missed the accident) waited with the biker until another group of people joined us, and about 8 of us were able to get him down to the base of the mountain (1.3 miles) so he could head to the hospital. He likely broke his collarbone and had a concussion, but he was able to walk to the base, so it could have been much, much worse.

Wear your helmets!

The whole process was really scary, but I was so impressed in the generosity and kindness of the next group that arrived. People are inherently good.
It was cold and tiring, and these two were exhausted by the time we made it back to the car. 

Before I napped for the rest of the afternoon, we gave Roscoe a bath, and I had to laugh and my two Alfalfa's.

I have two showers next weekend back in Chicago, and it feels like Christmas every time I get a knock at the door from the UPS man. Saturday's delivery were two hurricane candles that I'm obsessing about. Don't they look cute here? They're even better lit.


My cousin is in town for like 24 hours from Chicago on business, so we were able to take him to dinner at Fig & Olive. It's been on my LA list for a long time, and it was amazing. 


 Another jam packed weekend for us - which always have me looking forward to the routine of Monday.


  1. Yay for showers in Chicago!! Yay for shiny, new wedding presents!

    That bike accident sounds terrible - takes my breath away, it could have been so much worse.

    Now I need to go put some hurricanes on my registry.

  2. #1 That restaurant is so pretty!

    #2 I love your top from the shower. You look great in pink:)

  3. I seriously got chills reading about that bike accident! That is really scary. haha I hope you have a blast at your wedding showers!

  4. That picture of Joel & Roscoe made me crack up.
    So glad you loved Fig & Olive!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. I'm sure getting packages full of wedding registered goodies is always fun! Loving what you did with the candles. So cute. :)

  6. Wow! That bike accident sounds awful. Glad you were able to help.

  7. That sounds so scary. Thank goodness you were there to help out. I'm glad he is okay.