Friday Thoughts

These weeks are freaking flying past me at record speed. Once I catch my breath come Monday, plans for the following weekend start rolling in, and before ya know it, I'm composing a "Friday's Thoughts" Post.

First maj thought is that you need to go to Ann Taylor Loft today. They have 50% off of all full priced clothes, which naturally meant that I had to go buck wild on all of their full priced clothes. I decked myself in a perfect outfit for my next shower, but you'll have to wait a few weeks for the big reveal. But, check out some of their great, springy pieces.

Seriously, try and make it there this weekend.
I'm going to try and not go back....
And let's be real for a second, the economy should be kissing my feet these freaking days.


Have you guys ever heard of Timeflies Tuesday? He was the cute college kid that started posting YouTube videos of him and his buddies rapping, and he is super talented, now graduated and has an album that just launched, or is launching.

His voice is so sexy, and this song has been my jam ALL week  month long.

And I think I'm becoming obsessed with SoulCycle because all I want to do is ride to this song.

Today I have a retirement party for work, which means that the weekend starts super early for me! 
Cheers my girls!!


  1. I got an email about BR Factory doing half off everything this weekend. I SO want to go, but I'm forcing myself to hold off.

  2. Love the song. Thanks for sharing!