Friday Thoughts

It was just one of those weeks where I lacked motivation, desire, and/or a kind attitude. Stupid shit happened, like I didn't get into a SoulCycle class, or I spilled coffee on all over my white couch, or I spent $350 bucks at the vet. So yesterday at about noon I just decided to screw it, and raise my hands in defeat. You win week, you freaking win. Oh, and how am I spending my Friday? A 9-5 training at work today. Ugh.

But I hope to come back on Monday feeling refreshed, refueled, and happy. Lots of good things are happening this weekend - and I'm really for a new GoGetUm' attitude.

But, until Monday...


  1. Oh Tamra, what a crazy bitch. That dinner party was legit crazy-town.

    Better luck next week. And hey, no matter what - you're a wife in a month and a few days. Whaat?!

    It's going too fast. Hold me.

  2. Here's to hoping your weekend is full of margaritas! :)

  3. OMG..You and me both. So glad I read this. It sounds like EVERYONE had a long and hectic week. I worked out, but ate terrible all week... Oh, well...Next week is a new week, but until then...TGIF!!!!!

  4. Sorry about your week! Everyone has weeks like that, pamper yourself a little this weekend and start Monday off on a good note!

  5. Ha! I love this and this episode! New follower, love your blog!


  6. Sorry your week sucked. Gotta love the bottom gif though. Appropriate.