Our Wedding Invitations

My invitations made it to their destinations about 3 weeks ago and since I've received more than half of the responses, I think it's safe to post. I wanted to wait until "Wedding Wednesday", but right now, in my life, and therefore my blog, It's "Wedding Everyday", so it may get a little boring around here!

It doesn't seem that long ago, but in September we took engagement pictures, and then in January we sent our Save The Dates:

Keeping with the overall look, vibe, and feel - this was the suite that my stationer Courtney Callahan put together for us.

 What do you think?
I'm pretty freakin' smitten!

If you need paper products of any kind, I would seriously consider getting touch with Courtney. She is darling, easy to work with, and clearly an expert at what she does. She is a Chicago girl, but we've worked across the country seamlessly - keep her in mind ladies!


  1. I'm SO stealing your post title. You need to go back and rename this post Wedding Everyday: Our Invitations. Because Wedding Everyday is like a life theme right now, especially for you.

    You have a stationer. Oh shut up already, fancy-pants! (I'm sorry, was that rude? I'm also a bride so I lose all sense of perspective and reason these days. HAHAHA oh so unfunny, truly.) I'm not sure I even know what a stationer is or where I could find one. True story.

    Next of all, I'm so jealous you had your shizz together enough for engagement pics in the fall. Even though there's no fall in California, I'm STILL jealous. I was too "busy". Idiot, self.

    Seriously, your invitations are STUNNING. I am absolutely SMITTEN with the baker's twine (you know, the blue string? I think that's what it's called but I'm seriously lame in the words department today) wrapped around the invites. And actually, it gives me the idea to steal shamelessly from you that little pop of color.

    They are so, SO stunning. If the invites I've started on fall through I have to contact Courtney asap.

    One month and one day. I'm SO excited for you!!

  2. So classy, love the font, twine, and overall look! I'm also a little biased with navy bc we used it at our wedding, but love love!

  3. So pretty! I'm using navy ink too but on full white cardstock instead of cream/ecru. I love the border on yours, too!

  4. If I got this in the mail ... I would keel over from how perfect it is! Love it!

  5. They are gorgeous and I love the picture you guys took in the water!


  6. I love! So perfect for you. I can so feel your wedding vibe!

  7. Omg so beautiful!!!! this is so exciting, i am so happy for you!!

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  9. Love the save the date cards! I also really love the design on the wedding invitations. Looks like the date is coming up soon! Have fun, thanks for sharing these designs.

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