• 29 days until D-Day and I'm officially a nervous wreck! I spend at least a few hours everyday in pure wedding chaos, and then, at some point, I throw my hands up and shut my computer. It's exhausting and stressful - but in 31 days I'll be in Hawaii as Mrs. Joel Shields. Repeat, I will be in Hawaii in 31 days as Mrs. Joel Shields.
  • I'm working out everyday until the wedding and not drinking wine (although I'm cheating on Sunday, when we go to Santa Barbara for some wine tasting). The goal at this point is to just be as skinny as I can get.
  • I picked up salmon and feta stuffed salmon from Trader Joe's on Monday and it was outrageously good. Oh, and yes, I'm giving up wine - but I'm still drinking tequila.
  • Have you ever done a Mayonnaise hair treatment? I've been reading about them lately and apparently it's a miracle worker, so I think I may have to give it a try. 
Mayonnaise hair treatment
  • I'm so officially convinced that happy hour with a girlfriend is sometimes the only thing that can fix an annoying day.
You guys, tomorrow is FRIDAY and it's a long weekend! CHEERS to that! 


  1. Can't believe the wedding is getting so close! Props to you for giving up wine- that is a major sacrifice! Have a great weekend!

  2. I've done the mayo thing before but I smelled like salad all day.

    I told my hairdresser I was trying to keep my hair healthy in the next couple months and she said that using coconut oil is actually the "healthiest" mask she does to her hair... something about the coconut oil molecules being small enough to penetrate the hair shaft properly.

    I spend a lot of time with my hairdresser.

    I've also done honey mixed with plain yogurt or olive oil.

    I'm on a "healthy hair" kick, can you tell?

  3. Congrats! I feel your pain! This month may drive you mad but the wedding and your honeymoon will make it so so worth it. I am still on cloud 9 and its been almost 2 weeks :) Good luck!

  4. What is in that salad? totally need that recipe?! and what tequila drink is that?

  5. i love a good champagne diet!!! don't be nervous! you already look fab and youre right, you will be in hawaii with your husband in a month!!!!!!!!! yay!

  6. Eeek!! One month!! As stressed out as you are, try and enjoy these last few days. They go by so quickly, not to mention how the actual wedding will FLY by, that you'll wish for it back so you could've enjoyed it more. The build up makes it so exciting!

    I've never tried the mayo treatment, but a while back I did the egg and olive oil combo. It did wonders for my hair but I haven't done anything since. I'm going to start alternating between that, with coconut oil, and castor oil since I've read those are the best to use on your hair. Especially for thickness, health, and hair loss. And I've been experiencing quite a bit of hair loss since I was diagnosed with my autoimmune disease. :/