Quarter Century Baby!

I'm pretty transparent around these parts, but in honor of my 25th birthday, here are 25 things that make me, Me.

Me on the left and my cousin Amanda on the right at our FIRST birthday!

1. I believe in The Secret. I read the book when I was a sophomore in college about 4 times, and have been a believer ever since. The gist it, if you haven't read it, is that positive thoughts bring positive outcomes. So, the way I see it, even if the "magic" part isn't your thing, or happens to be fake, isn't it better to live more positively anyways? I forced Joel to read the book and now we both are converted! I highly recommend the book - it's an easy read and was a game changer for us. 

2. I am 50% Irish and 50% Italian, and I love to play up either card depending on my company. I always love to tell people my heritage because it seems like everyone is becoming more and more of a mutt - including my future Children, thanks to Joel ;)

3. I never take off my engagement ring. I shower, sweat, and sleep in it. Honestly, the only time I take it off is to clean it - which I try to do every other month with windex and an old toothbrush.

4. I light candles every single day, normally around 5pm, but sometimes earlier if I feel like I need it. My parents always had candles burning at our house growing up, and it just makes my house feel more like a home. 

5. I'm obsessed with flying Virgin America. It's kind of like the SoulCycle of airlines. You pay a little extra for a fancier experience and you always see celebs.

6. I find the traffic to be worse in Chicago than it is in L.A.

7. I feel very lucky to have found Joel at such a young age. I like that he knows everything about me and he is really my best friend in the entire world.
8. I have met seriously amazing friends online/this blog. Even when this blog seems like a pain in the ass and a waste of time, I just have to remember that, and I realize it's here for a purpose.

9. Twenty five random things about me is getting really hard to accomplish!

10. I decided to give up wine until I get married. I drink a lot of it, and I'm hoping cutting it out of my diet will help these last sticky ten pounds fall of. I'm still allowing tequila and champagne, so do not fret!

11. I get car sick - especially in the back seat or in taxi's

12. Lately, after a night out with friends and a few cocktails, I wake up in the morning sick to my stomach with anxiety that I said something that came off too harshly - or inappropriate. I have to talk myself down all the time, reminding myself that I'm likely the only person who remembered it, but it's not a fun feeling.

13. I love to read inspirational quotes & sayings

14. I love my sisters - and I'm finally understanding all of the year my parents told us that the three of us were all we have in life to count on. We are three very different girls, but there is no one else in the world that wants the best for each other the way we do. I can't wait to see how these little girls lives unfold, and I am a better person for knowing them.

15. Most days I think I want to have kids sooner than later

16. I grieve the loss of my Aunt Peggy every single day of my life. I still have not been able to wrap my mind around the fact that someone so healthy and vibrant and full of life could be taken from this earth so fast.

17. I want to burn the candles, use the fancy china, and take the damn vacation because life is SO short.

18. I read www.TinyBuddha.com every day

19. My parents, my sisters, and I all have the share the same computer password

20. I like to have a cup of tea after dinnertime - especially at restaurants

21. The older I get, the more I hate to shop. I find it to be an annoying process - and I'm never satisfied with anything that I find. I also really don't like shelling out tons of cash, and yet, I have expensive taste.

22. My twenty-fourth year has been my favorite to date.

23.  But my 21st  birthday party was the most phone. It was a weekend full of inappropriate college antics, and I love thinking back to that weekend.

24. I hate cucumbers

25. I am so thankful for the COUNTLESS blessings I have in my life. My family, my fiance, my house, my friends, my health, my job, my dog, my cousins, the list could go on and on......I could cry at how much goodness I have in my life.

 I can only hope that all of these things continue in this next year of my life and that you too are lucky to have these in your life as well.



  1. 25 Comments for Your 25th Birthday

    1. You make me want to read The Secret.
    2. I'm Czech and German. Czech me out. Lame.
    3. I rarely wear my engagement ring at home. I live in constant fear that the tiny damn diamonds will fall out. Even though they are warrantied and would be replaced for free. Still, I'm weird. Plus it's cold and I can't wear gloves over the damn thing. I need to move somewhere warmer.
    4. I hoard my candles. Which is funny because I have 40 in my closet. If not more. Not kidding.
    5. Never flown Virgin America.
    6. Traffic in rural Indiana is NEVER bad unless you get stuck behind a tractor. MURDER.
    7. Jealous you married your young sweetheart. Not that I want mine, per se, but I feel like I've missed so much of Mr. RH's life. Hopefully we have many years to make it up.
    8. WORD.
    9. You are really young. You make me feel old. And when we talk, I feel like you come off much cooler than me. Damnit, insecurities!
    10. I'll give up wine till your wedding in solidarity. Maybe. No promises. Have I lost a pound yet? *Runs and checks.* No.
    11. One time, I puked into a plastic bag after reading an American Girl book on the way to Springfield, IL... and it leaked ALL OVER my dad's brand new leather jacket. So, ditto on carsickness.
    12. I call this phenomenon verbal diarrhea. Happens to me OFTEN while sober. Took me many tries to spell diarrhea.
    13. We are the same person. I have a file called QUOTE on my computer... it's SO long and amazing.
    14. Weeeeeep. Weeep. Why didn't my parents give me a sister?
    15. DITTO.
    16. WEEP.
    17. SO short.
    18. Thanks for the new obsession. Thanks a LOT.
    19. That's weird. Although most people in my life know my password, which is similarly weird.
    20. I love tea, especially lemon. Mostly because I drown it in sugar, so I doubt that counts for loving tea. I love sugar!
    21. Last Thursday, I wandered the big mall in Indy and just shopped. All the stores were empty and it's the first time I have just aimlessly shopped in at least a year. I really only end up buying stuff online these days. Or at Target.
    22. It's been a good year, but I'd say your year this year is going to be pretty spectacular. (Can I say year more in one sentence? Unsure.)
    23. My 21st was lame. I exaggerated my food-poisoning from a deli sandwich to avoid waiting till midnight to get into a bar at midnight after a football game. It was a long day, dude.
    24. You and Mr. RH both. When I was younger and we had cucumber plants, I lived on them in the summers. Literally - I would cut them up and eat them multiple times a day. Tiny bit of dressing, done.
    25. Don't make me cry on the last one. You are indeed a lucky girl.

    Happy 25th!!

    Please don't be freaked out at how stalker-ish this comment is. It's really helped me procrastinate blow-drying my hair, for which I am thankful.

  2. Happy Birthday!! 25 is a great age:)

  3. Happy 25th birthday!! I also light candles everyday! My mom constantly worries I am going to leave them burning when I leave the house. Hope you have a fabulous day celebrating!

  4. #14 is so unbelievably true.

    #17 is even more true.

    Love this list and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :) :) xoxo

  5. Love these and I love Classy Fab Sarah's responses! Happy birthday pretty girl!

  6. Happy birthday girlfriend! Hope it's as fab as you! And you make me proud not giving up tequila! xo

  7. You're going to give up WINE?!?! What what?!?!

    I only take my ring off to clean it or to put lotion on. That is IT.

    I love me some candles but Ryan is convinced they cause cancer. It sucks. So I light them when he's not home. ;)

  8. This is so neat! I love reading about my blogging friends. We are more a like than I thought! ;) 1. I love wine..You knew that! 2. I ALWAYS have candles burning! 3. I'm 50% Italian, too. Love you, friend!

  9. Cute stuff! I love this post!

    PS I was reading one of your older posts about not doing a makeup or hair trial and I just wanted to make sure you reeeeally think this through. Not to stress you out (as a fellow bride, we DO NOT need more stress), but I have really sensitive skin and new products often irritate me. That's my sole reason for doing a makeup trial just to make sure I don't get hives or redness. I'm sure nothing like that will happen, but it's just something to think about!

  10. #17 is my favorite! Happy Birthday!!!

  11. Happy birthday Tess!!! I love this post and hope you had the most fantastic day! You absolutely deserve it :)

  12. I thought I had commented yesterday, but I guess I hadn't. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Loved learning more about you. :)

  13. Your 21st looks crazy. Love it!