Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

The reason Joel and I were back home in Chicago last weekend was because my God Parents were hosting an engagement party in our honor.

A lot of people were surprised that we had our engagement party so close to the wedding - but with timing, it just worked out that way. And, quite frankly, I'm so glad it did. All of our families got to be reacquainted only six weeks before the big day, our bridal parties are now fully versed with one another, and it got everyone really excited for the big day.

My Aunt and Uncle held the party at their gorgeous house in Lincoln Park - and besides the basically  freezing temperatures (it was May 11th, mind you), the night was pure perfection.  

Everything was so well done, we honestly should have just gotten married that night.


There were passed appetizers, a pianist playing in the front room, a divine dinner and almost all of our favorite people in the world.


My God Father gave a sincere and touching toast , and it pretty much solidified the fact that I'll be a crying baby on my actual wedding day.


It also happened to be my Dad's birthday, so after dinner was served, all three of us girls were able to bring him his cake and have the entire party sing happy birthday to him.


After our tasks were done, it was time to close down hit the bar and crank up the Top 40.


The night was beyond spectacular - everyone had the most amazing time and it was a party I'll never forget. It's an amazing feeling to be in a room filled to the brim of people that love you.

 The entire wedding process has been such a lesson in humility and generosity and everyone - especially my God Parents - have played a huge role in bettering Joel and I for the future.

And, most of all, I can't wait for these families to merge on June 22nd.


  1. This post makes my eyes water - you guys are SO awesome and I'm so thrilled for your wedding. Yay for THE WEDDING!!!!!

  2. All the decorations and everything look so wonderful! Loved your dress also! Can't believe it is getting so close! Have a great rest of the week!

  3. You are so blessed. What a great family and a sweet party. And for the record I could just see myself fitting in so well with your awesome family! Very excited for you!!

  4. What a fab party!! Cogrants, can't believe it is so soon!

  5. Can you help me with something? That ombre pink dress is to die for... can you ask her where she got it?? If it's available I may scoop it up for myself :)

    LOVING all the pictures. We're not doing an engagement party and I'm actually happy about that, but this looks like such a fabulous celebration!

  6. You look gorgie in that black sparkly dress! It's perfect on you :)

  7. Wow! What an awesome party! I can't believe your bedding is so close!

  8. loving all these pics from the GORGEOUS party my friend...you can tell how happy yall are and how much love you have surrounding you from friends and family...cherish ALL of it!!

  9. Yay! It looks like a great party!!

  10. Oh my gosh your dress!!! I love the sparkle. You and Joel need to stop being so good-looking, geez!

  11. Wow! Looks like an amazing party. You can just tell how fun it was from the pictures.