A Weekend with my Mom

Last Wednesday my mom, Grandma (Kuka), and my Aunt Betty flew in to Los Angeles for a mini-vacation. I have two cousins out here in California, one in LA and one down in San Diego, so it was a perfect chance to visit with everyone as a group  and get out of freezing Chicago.

On Wednesday night - everyone was exhausted from traveling so we had everyone over for pizza and wine, caught up and just enjoyed being together.

On Thursday I finally got my shopping partner - my mom- back in action and we did some major damage at J.Crew. I picked up this work outfit - shoes and all - and then this skirt and jacket for Mexico next week.

For dinner on Thursday we took everyone to James Beach in Venice. It's a fun spot to take visitors because it's very California-y, easy, and good.

This was at Big Foot West before dinner
On Friday, we had a fantastic brunch at The Huntley in Santa Monica. I had never been but the restaurant is on the 18th floor and has sweeping views of the entire coast. I will definitely be going back soon.


For the afternoon we sat on the beach in Malibu and did some more shopping at the Malibu Country Mart.

Thursday night we did dinner at Little Dom's, an Italian spot in Los Feliz. The food was really good and the restaurant itself was very Chicago....which was perfect for our crew.

On Saturday morning we drove down to San Diego to meet up with my cousins Max and Kathleen who just moved down from Seattle. Unfortunately the weather was a little wonky this weekend, so our beach trips were pretty windy and gray.


My mom, aunt Betty, and I stay at The Solamar hotel in the Gaslamp District while we were there. The rooms were perfect and they had an awesome pool and happy hour, so we just sat at the pool - under heat lamps - for the entire afternoon.

Since we were on a true food and drinking fest, we decided to continue the momentum and head to dinner at a Spanish tapas restaurant in the Gaslamp called Sevilla. The place was awesome - so if you are ever in San Diego I highly recommend it. The food was authentic and delicious and at 9pm they had a Spanish band perform.

On Sunday we reunited with my Grandma who had stayed in Palm Springs with her cousin and I hosted a big, Italian "Sunday Night Dinner".


Growing up, all of us lived in the same neighborhood in Chicago. We were all just blocks from each other, so every Sunday we would have these huge dinners, play games, and get to spend time with our cousins. We literally did it every single Sunday - and my parents still do it back at home.


I knew that having everyone in one spot, I had to host my very first Sunday night dinner. We had pasta, bread, salad, Italian sausage, stuffed chicken meatballs, an apple crisp, and lots and lots of wine.
It was just so much fun to have everyone together at my dining room table in LA. I really didn't think I'd ever have a chance to have my Grandma here, so it was such a special thing.


Everyone had to leave us on Monday and it's never easy to say goodbye. I already miss them so much that it hurts. We really had such a fantastic weekend.

And, now, it's back to the grind for the next 4 days before I Jet Set to Mexico for a week. 

I promise I'm not complaining!


  1. Looks like an amazing trip with your family! We used to have Sunday "dinner" but it was really lunch every single week growing up with my extended family too. Sweet memories!

  2. I love a day spent with family, but especially my mom. :)

  3. YAY for mama time! Loving that maxi you got too...I'm maxi crazed!! xx

  4. You guys looked like you had such a wonderful weekend! Even though my mom is just 2 hours away, I still don't get to see her as much as I should. Reading this definitely made me want a little momma and me time!

  5. What a wonderful weekend with family. I LOVE San Diego. The Gaslamp district is so fun.