Weekends on Roids

Our February is really one for the record books. We've had a lot of visitors, and more coming, and then I'll cap it off with a week in Mexico before starting my new job. 

One visitor leaves, and then I spend a few days cleaning up, changing out the sheets, and I find myself back at LAX to pick up the next set.

This weekend we had my girlfriend Lauren come visit from Boston. 

Lauren and I went to college - University of Iowa- together and lived together for 3 years while we were there. Since college though we've never lived in the same state so our time has always been super limited. It was so fun to have a whole weekend of her to myself!


Lauren didn't meet us until 9:30, so Joel and I were able to sneak in a little Valentine's Day date. 


Quick Story - I hate getting ready. I hate putting on makeup, I hate doing my hair, the whole thing. It's time sucking and boring and I just don't have fun doing it. I always try and get it done as early as possible so that I can just have it out of the way, but then - I'm always like an hour early for anything that we do.

I texted Joel at 5pm that I was ready and that he should leave work early because I was bored. He said that he had anticipated that happening so that I should follow a list of instructions. 

A list of instructions that included hidden champagne and an ice bucket ready to go in the freezer.
How stinking cute is that? 

On Saturday morning we went for a hike and tried to get as much sun as possible. It's been so brutal on the East coast, so Lauren wanted to soak up as much outside time as possible. Afterwards, I had my first DryBar experience.

Holy. Amazing. My mom is coming this week and we are going back for round two. What a genius place. Full disclosure: I didn't love my hair. It wasn't anything special, but you get your head massaged, drink champagne, watch girly movies, and talk Real Housewives with your hair dresser, so my hair was the last thing I cared about.

Saturday night we celebrated Sean's 30th birthday with a pig roast at Laura and Sean's new home.

On Sunday Joel, Lauren, and I drove up to Malibu Wines to spend the afternoon. The weather was perfect and we just camped out, listened to music, and drank yummy Rose. 
 Malibu Wines is an adult playground, and I want to go play everyday. 
And, afterwards, when you are nice and buzzed, you can visit their safari with appearances from Zebras and friendly camels. 


My Mom, Grandma, and Aunt Betty are coming on Wednesday so it may be hard to check in here. Rest assured we will be enjoying ourselves!


  1. I probably wouldn't like how my hair looked after getting a blow out either. I'm not too big on changes when it comes to my looks. But I think I'd go just for the experience!

  2. I had the same "eh" feeling after I went to DryBar. I also have really thin hair and it gets greasy very quickly, so I'm not one of those girls who can wash her hair twice a week. It's every day for me. A blowout is fun but $40 for one day is a lotta dough, HOWEVER you're right that the pampering part of it is the best :)

  3. I love Dry Bar!! I'm so glad DC has a location - it's the perfect girly experience + a fun treat!

  4. I'm really bummed you didn't like your DryBar hair. I totally fantasize that they're one of those places that would GET my hair. Whomp.

  5. What a great day to reunite with friends, your mom, and even have romantic dates! And seeing that smile on your face, there’s no doubt you had fun. Even if you have some issues with your hair, after the massage you received, it doesn’t matter at all!

    Diana, LaFleurDaySpa.com