Cute Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home

For Valentine's Day, Joel and I have never really exchanged gifts. With that being said, I do like for Joel to acknowledge the holiday, and I like to do the same for him. Instead of gifts, I came up with ten cute ways to make the day special and meaningful, without breaking the bank.

:::1::: Breakfast in Bed
V-day breakfast
:::2::: Sweetheart notes - hide love notes in different places to be opened all day
notes to your sweetheart.
:::3::: Set a fancy table, light candles, and dress up

:::4::: Watch your wedding video

:::5::: Hide bubbly in tumblers and go for a long walk

:::6::: Have an indoor picnic
 Picnics make me smile, especially indoor picnics-no bugs
:::7::: Send sweet treats for a day at work

:::8::: Have a cooking or drink making competition - who can make the better martini? Shop for the ingredients together.

:::9:::Open the good stuff and pair it with great cheese.

:::10::: Get out a bunch of games, and keep the TV off.
Game Night....totally throwing a game-night party! would be soooo fun to do Pictionary on a HUGE blackboard or whiteboard. + cocktails + appetizers (FUN!)

For me, I'd rather have a little thought put into a special night than a new blouse or perfume I don't need.  Hopefully these ideas will help you craft something fun to do together with your Valentine.


  1. We're big Love Letter people. One of my favorite things is a letter JM left for me YEARS ago as he jetted off on a 3+ week business trip. Handwritten, full of love. So, for Valentine's, a card and a smooch is really all I ever need. Plus, we met on Feb. 20 so we like to get all mushy and sentimental on that date, too :)

  2. We're the same way. I love Valentine's Day, but I rather have something more meaningful, than something just bought that I could get for my birthday. This year though we aren't even exchanging gifts since we're trying to recoop the costs from Christmas. It really killed us this year. haha

  3. Great ideas! I always tell Cameron not to spend any money on me..just do something thougtful!

  4. I need that "Shh there's wine in here" mug. Too cute!