Must Have's

::: Tall Soy Latte's :::

I'm way late on having a 'Bux addiction. I used to pride myself on only getting starbucks at the airport, but things have started to change around here. For the last few months I've become obsessed with a tall soy latte, specifically from Starbucks. Do they lace their drinks with something that keep you coming back for more?

There is no better shopping partner in the world than my mom. She knows what looks good on me, pushes me to try on things I wouldn't normally, and sometimes even foots the bill. I have been working from home for the last two years, so my work wardrobe needs to be majorly updated.  I don't even know where to start, but I think J.Crew, Gap, and DVF make good starting points.

Most of my make-up is Benefit. It's easy, fun to use, and it works. When I went to their opening in Santa Monica, I picked up their new blush tint and I'm officially obsessed. At first, I was a little nervous that the color was too purple, but when you mix it on your skin you realize you've been doing blush all wrong.

 Editors' Essentials with Sarah Yates | Camille Styles
Besides needing new work shoes...and sandals for the summer...I also need to snag some white converse. I think they'll be the perfect shoe for trekking in Paris in May - and transition to the summer in LA perfectly. 

 Blurb wedding book
Confession - I don't have my album done yet. Or even started. I NEED to get this done, and since my photographer doesn't to do it for me, I have to take this task on myself. I've heard wedding blurb books are a really beautiful and affordable way to go - and I have no desire to have a $2,500 wedding album.

I really, really want to pull the trigger on this gold bar cart but haven't found the courage to just. do. it. I think it's the perfect size - and such a fun piece that could be used for years. 

I had an iPad through my old company, and next Friday I have to return it. I'm pretty sure I can't last a a day - let a along a trip to Mexico - without one, so I think I'm going to have to make a trip to Apple. Do you think the mini is too small? Is the air too thin?


  1. Enter Style Me Swanky's album giveaway that's going on now!

  2. I did my wedding book through Shutterfly and it turned out awesome. It wasn't expensive at all, I think i even got 50% off.

  3. So many things.

    A) I want a new job so I can get a whole new wardrobe. Minus the fact that I can't afford the one I would LUST after, but still.
    B) I banned Mr. RH from starbucks. He would S-bux us right to the poorhouse if he had the opportunity. So now he's chained to the Keurig.
    C) Super intrigued by that Benetint. I'm scared, but intrigued.
    D) You're going to Paris!! Color me jealous.
    E) I started to work on a Blurb book but there's almost too much customization for me. I'm starting to think about doing a Shutterfly one cause it's a little easier and less expensive (win and double win).

    That is all.

  4. I have the mini and LOVE it. Same easy functionality and it's really light. I say go for it :)

  5. I've been eyeing the same bar cart in Target. I keep waiting for it to go on a bigger sale. I need it!

  6. I have grey Converse's but would LOVE to have white ones!

  7. I love my ipod air. Once you put a case on it, it doesn't feel "too thin," it's just lighter and more comfortable for reading. The mini felt too similar to my iphone, for me.
    New work clothes! YAYYY! You can't go wrong with some DVF wrap dresses. Classic and they make getting dressed so easy (it's one piece)! Also JCrew is my trusty standby.
    So excited for you!!

  8. iPad mini seems too small. It's a kindle IMO. The air is great. I have the air and regular older version. Not a huge dif.

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