Five on Friday


I bit the bullet and grabbed the J.Crew sneakers. I ended up going with a different color than I originally planned because the lighter ones were just a little too bowling, if you know what I mean. They are really comfortable and really cute on. I'm not in love with that way they look when I'm in jeans, but I think I'll be wearing them mostly with workout pants for walking around my neighborhood and not wanting to be in flip flops or serious running shoes.


Next week my Mom, Grandma, aunts, and cousin Gia are all coming out to California - and I'm so excited! I feel really fortunate that my family is constantly coming to visit. I mean, this is the 2nd time my 86 year old Grandma will have come and stayed with me. I do need to find a few activities that my grandma, new born cousin, and 16 year old cousin will all have fun doing....but I'm up for the hilarity that will no doubt ensue.

I joined Equinox yesterday. I'm still a little nervous about it, but I have 3 weeks to test it out before I'm locked in. For the last 3 years in LA, I've gone to different classes and run outside,  but the classes have been seriously adding up and I'm overpaying for what I'm getting. The gym is walking distance to my house and offers every class under the sun, a pool, spa, machines, personal trainers, the whole kit and caboodle for about half of what I'm currently spending. I really, really, really hope I like it.

I have had a major spring cleaning bug and just want our entire house updated and organized. We have a lot to do and little time to do it, but these tidy images have been like porn lately!

marble, bead board, white cabinets and glass doors Earth tones in the bedroom. 

This weekend we have a lot of plans to spend time with friends and family, and get our damn taxes done...and both of those things to me scream wine.


Have a great weekend!

positive thoughts!


  1. Haha, champagne diet! Loving those home images - SO pretty! Happy weekend!

  2. I saw you Pinning those.... I am also drooling!

  3. Those home pics are everything. I am dying to whip our house into shape for spring, but there's never any time lately!

    Love those NB's you got! The pop of blue is super cute. I've still got my old pair of grey NB's that everyone and their mom had in high school that I still wear from time to time with cuffed boyfriend jeans and a tee. Easiest "running errands" look ever!

  4. So I am obsessed with your Pinterest boards - don't mind me just repinning every single thing you pin, ha! Glad you went for the new sneakers! Happy Friday :)

  5. THANK YOU first of all for saying "kit and caboodle" and NOT "kitten caboodle" or I would die haha. Love all the home inspiration boards. Just finished our taxes today (at works, oops) so cheers that you're almost done, as well!

  6. Those home pictures are gorgeous. Now I want to go organize something. Thanks for sharing.

  7. LOVE the shoes you ended up going with! I'm definitely warming up to the sneaker trend, but those are my favorites I've seen! I also love those home pictures. Everything is so neat and perfect. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Hope you have a blast on your trip!!!! Happy Friday just found your blog love it!
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/

  9. Man I wish I had the urge to organize and clean since I need to do it too. But my new workout plan right now is INSANE and I can hardly clean or make dinner as it is right now. lol