What I Wore and Shoes I Want

Work It Girl
I think the sweater is Maxx Studios? It's from Marshalls, gap leggings, Tahari boots, hat and scarf from Paris
Blouse is from a local boutique in Santa Monica, J.crew pants, J.crew heels
Vince Top, Paige Jeans, Loft Necklace, TB flats 
 Zara top, J.crew Blouse, TB wedges

Veronica M. dress, gap leggings, ivanka trump boots

 I feel like my days to wear boots are starting to wrap up so I'm thinking about joining every other woman in America and snatching up some new kicks from J.Crew. I've been hesitating because I wasn't sure how I would style them, but after stalking and searching I may be able to pull them off with more than just workout pants.

              new balance women's 620 for J-Crew. looooove! too bad they're already sold out :(
j crew jeans x new balance outfit 

What do you think? Have you rocked the jeans with sneakers look?


  1. LOVE those sneakers. I think its a perfect look for weekends when running errands or casual lunch.

  2. If I had those shoes I would totally wear jeans and sneakers daily! Such a great alternative from wearing flats or boots.
    Ally - Life as I know it

  3. Stop being my life twin. I'm in the market for sneaks too!!! Lots of people wear them at the office (hooray tech world) but the only sneakers I own are like, big ass running shoes. I like these ones!!! (And might copy you).

  4. I've been contemplating those same shoes - although it'll be like 3 months before we can wear them here! I bought a pair of Converse last year and surprisingly wore them a ton so I think these would be worth the investment, too.

  5. I love the cute sneaker look, but try as I might I just can't pull it off. I cannot figure out what the secret is! I think the pants definitely need to be cropped... but even still, every time I try, my look just screams soccer Mom.
    The closest I can get to the casual shoe trend are slip on (laceless) sneakers.
    p.s. Paris scarf!! Looks amazing on you!

  6. Rocking that hat lady and I love a good dress, tights and boots combo this time of year!

  7. I think if I had super slender leggings I would feel more confident about the sneakers and jeans look. I am such a weenie. I have the soccer mom fear!