Five on Friday

This is going to be quick.....Leo has started to wake up around 6:30 again, and I was getting very used to 7am, annnnnd somehow my coffee filter went missing and now I'm going to have to leave to go get myself some coffee, because I'm not starting this Friday without! 

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Are you listening? You seriously should. The story is interesting, sad, bizarre, and I need to know what happened to Richard Simmons!

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This week was my first full week of working in the afternoons. I think in a few weeks, I'll get used to it, but it felt like it made our mornings crazy jammed, and then when I was done with work at 5, I was a crazy person trying to get dinner on the table. By Thursday, I got smart and did a crock pot dinner, but this is going to take some adjusting.

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This little guy really doesn't care at all how cold it is, he is happy as a clam to be outside. We took a long walk yesterday (so I could get through my pod cast, obviously!) and while I got home an icicle, he could've gone for another hour.

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10 Must Have de Toda Fashion Girl no Inverno:
I'm heading out today for new jeans and new gym shoes...neither of which I like shopping for much. Both end up being more expensive that I bargain for but I know they are both pretty necessary, so, off to the stores I go. 

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Tonight, we are meeting up with some family and friends to have a raise a glass for my Aunt Peggy. Today marks five years since we lost her.  

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  1. Glad yall will be together tonight! xo

  2. I hope tonight is therapeutic for you all. Thinking of you and your family.

  3. Sounds like a fab get together to remember your aunt! I heard something on the radio about Richard Simmons, but didn't stay long enough to catch it...but it has me curious for sure!!