This is going to be just a steam of my thoughts, because that's honestly what I'm working with in all aspects right now...

::: I think Leo is going through a little 18 month sleep regression. Leo's always been a fantastic sleeper so on Friday night when he woke up at 4am, I thought it for sure had to be an upset stomach, he dropped his lovey...something. But all he wanted was to be rocked and after I set him back in his crib after 10/15, he fell asleep. I was hoping it was a one off but the same thing happened last night. This time though, I only rocked him for 8 minutes...trying not to create a long term habit for a short term problem. Any tales from the wise?

::: I just about died for Leo's St. Patrick's day outfit this year 


::: Friday night we hosted a bunch of family at our house. I love to host people at my house, but sometimes it sends me into a tizzy of - is everything clean? is everything perfect? We cannot use paper plates. Is everyone's glasses full...etc etc etc. Joel pretty much wants to kill me. And, while I will host parties like that, when I have twenty family members over every other weekend.....I'm going to just enjoy it. Everyone knows where the booze is.....I'm going to ask people to bring things so that I'm not prepping all day....paper plates are going to be used...and I'm going to have as much fun as I did on Friday every time I host. 


:::: The weather is turning a bit more into spring and so not only did I open my first bottle of Sonoma Cutrer over the weekend, but I also went out for my longest outside run in a while. Both were incredibly enjoyable.


::: By far, the best thing about being back in Illinois is the amount of family we have here, and how easy it is to see them. Most of my cousins now have kids and we all live in the suburbs, about an hour from anywhere, so it's been a real treat. Leo had a great time playing with all things girl when we went to visit our cousins in Wheaton yesterday. 


::: Sunday we had dinner at my parents house and took Leo out for another walk in this wagon. The wagon is really smooth (it's from Costco), really fun, and can load a ton. I only wish it had some sort of belt to strap Leo down in, but otherwise, it's a really good use of $50 if you're on the hunt. 


::: Thanks for all of the feedback on our patio. I'm pretty sure you've convinced us to stay away from gravel and stamped concrete. I think stone or brick is what we're going to end up with - which were my two front runners! 

::: I saw Beauty and the Beast last night with my neighbor, cousin and mom (our Monday night Bachelor group, and we needed to find something fun to do this Monday) and we were all completely blown away. I'm pretty sure we all cried, but the entire movie was beautiful, sweet, and spot on. Emma Watson is pure perfection.  
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::: Was hoping Leo would give me at least an extra half hour of sleep this morning.....but, no such luck. He's up! Have an amazing day! 



  1. Boo about the sleep regression thing, hope he gets better for you soon! How stinkin' cute does he look in his St. Patrick's Day getup?! So great living close to family especially when they also have kids, definitely makes those get togethers more enjoyable! I cannot wait to see Beauty & The Beast, I have heard only amazing things about it and need to watch it asap!!

  2. Giiiiiirl, our house has turned into THE HOUSE for our group of friends to gather at, and it used to stress me OUT. I love, love, love having our home full of framily, but it would make me crazy trying to make things perfect. What helped me get a grip and really enjoy everything was just constantly reminding myself that I wouldn't expect perfection at anyone else's house, and no one expects it at mine. An inviting atmosphere and good food/convo is all anyone needs.

  3. Oliver is going through the sleep regression too! Just keep reminding myself it's a phase and it'll pass Leo looked too cute in his St Paddy's day outfit! I'm dying to see beauty and the beast. I keep hearing how awesome it is!

  4. Gal, I'm with you on the regression. I don't remember this with Brody, but Madelyn definitely went through it of sorts. Obviously she crawled out of her crib, but you could just tell she wants to be held more and never put down. I've blamed it on all of our travel and then transitioning her to toddler bed, but theres no doubt there must be a growth spurt or something happening.

  5. Henry definately went through a regression around 19 months, the first real regression I ever noticed with him since he is such a good sleeper. He was waking up for about two-three weeks every morning at 5am, and he never went back to sleep so he was a mess by like 10am! Fortunately it only lasted a somewhat short time. I think it wasa growth spurt because after the few weeks all of his clothes seemed too small!