Friday Catch Up Sesh

Hot damn.

What the hell was I thinking jumping back into work?

I'm exhausted, and I only worked three full days this week.

And actually, I loved a lot of parts of being back at work. I loved getting up, feeling dressed up and purposeful as I blasted music and got on the train feeling very important. 

But, the whole other part of managing my family and household while working? 

That's a damn game changer. 

I had a tiny glimpse into how working moms *literally* do it all, and its not easy! You really have to be organized and disciplined to get it all done in just a short 24 hours and because of that, there are very few selfish minutes in the day!  

 Even though I'm not going back full time, and will be home, adding work onto my plate is going to require some things to change, so I'm going to try and be really patient with myself as we adjust over the next few weeks. 

And in a weird but perfect transition...this new schedule has had me drinking coffee all day long.

Coffee from Starbucks (although I actually like coffee better from Dunkin' but latte's from Sbux)

Starbucks is where my Aunt Peggy worked.
My Aunt Peggy had a birthday yesterday, and next week, we'll have spent 5 birthday without her here on earth.

Each year it's sadder and better and every other emotion, but this year, something pretty special came about and I wanted to share it, because it made me proud and emotional and filled with joy. 

My cousin Gia, Peggy's daughter, who is 17 years old, texted our "Marino" family chain with an idea of how to celebrate her mom's birthday.

And so we did it.


And all of a sudden, we all started to get messages from friends, and even some acquaintances and snapchat followers, telling us that they were doing the same to spread kindness and honor the kindest and most joyful person that had to leave us all way too soon.

It made me think all day long about what Aunt Peggy taught us, and maybe yesterday she showed us.  
Kindness is contagious.
If you get a chance to spread a little kindness today - be it at Starbucks or any way else - go do it. It won't go unnoticed and it'll make the world (and my Aunt Peggy) proud.

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  1. This is such a beautiful way to honor your aunt. Her memory really is an inspiration, and it is comforting that kindness is contagious.

  2. That is so inspiring, I love it!

  3. So neat. How special to make a new, wonderful and giving memory.

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