Weekend Recap

This weekend was just what we needed.

In fact, I think it was the first weekend that we didn't have any major plans or friends/family staying with us, and as much  I love our house constantly filled with people that we love, I was starting to feel the effects.

After working downtown much of the week, by Thursday morning, my throat started to hurt and I could tell that I had a cold coming on. Since Thursday, I've taken it really easy; no gym, naps, and just a lot of downtime which is just what we all needed. Friday night we made homemade pizzas and watched the finale of Top Chef.

We had both been rooting for Brooke to take it home, so we were happy to see her win it all. Joel had been a big fan of Playa Provisions when we lived in LA so it felt a little like a hometown victory. 

Saturday morning, Leo and I took a long walk with our neighbors (and both of our dads!), and then that afternoon I took a long nap. Joel surprised me with a babysitter (my cousin Gia), knocking at our door at 3:30, so that we could sneak away for a drink by ourselves. It was such a nice treat and we went to get a beer at Crystal Lake Brewing which is our favorite little spot.

We made chili for dinner and turned in pretty early.

Sunday was another pretty low key day. We went to church with this handsome young man, hit up the grocery store and then went to my parents for dinner.

My parents just picked up this new wagon from Costco, and I told them to grab me one the next time they are there. It's just under $50 dollars, super sturdy and smooth, and perfect for hauling lots of goodies to the beach and back.

Overall it was a nice, at home weekend, and this week will be the first week that I'm working in the afternoons so I'm eager to start getting into our new routine.

Hope you have a great week.  

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  1. I love low key weekends! It sounds like yours was perfect and well-needed! I hope you are feeling completely better and your week goes smoothly. Also, Leo makes the cutest wagon cargo ever. :)

  2. How handsome does your little man look?! Sounds like a great weekend and I'm glad you and hubby were able to get away for dinner just you two :)!

  3. That outfit on Leo is killing me, so precious!!! My boys are all into the truck and dinosaur t-shirts these days :( Sounds like you had a nice low key weekend. Hope being back at work has been going well, I'm playing blog catch up this afternoon.