Five on Friday

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In the nick of time, we finally got a snow storm that actually left some snow for us to play with! We were probably the only family in Illinois that was actually excited to see snow, but I would have been so bummed to have spent the entire winter snowless! We spent 45 minutes outside which was just plenty enough for me, and now spring can officially come on over! 

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This week the goal was to eat super clean, get to the gym 5 times, and just try and stop the crazy......and that good intention lasted until about Tuesday. We're still operating on "celebration" mode, and it seems constant that people are coming to stay, dinners are being had out, and it just feels like so much food, alcohol, and lack of routine. The reality is, those things aren't going to end, so I really need to cut the constant excuses to indulge. 

The three nights that we did stay in and keep it healthy - were all excellent. I made white chicken chili, paprika crusted salmon over pre-bagged Asian salad, and a chimichurri steak with baked asparagus. 

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Have you been watching? I'm on episode 2 and I'm just not loving it. Also, am I the only person that CANNOT STAND Nicole Kidman??? I couldn't put down the book, but the show has me cringing in a way that I am eager for each episode to wrap up and be over. It's not a show I want to just binge watch constantly like I anticipated it being. What are you feeling about it? Does it get better after episode 2 or should I just throw in the towel since I know how it ends anyhow?

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My cousins from Minneapolis are visiting Chicago for a few nights for their spring break, and last night my mom made these sandwiches from a Tasty video she saw on Facebook and O. M. G....they are so good. They're honestly like candy. They're sweet, addicting, and before you know it you will have consumed WAY more than you should have! 

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Happy St. Patrick's Day from this little nugget last year!! I have a 2017 outfit lined up, but I can't believe this picture was taken a full year ago. Time is truly at warp speed for me right now. 


Tonight we have a big family dinner planned, tomorrow Joel wants to watch basketball and just hang at home, and then Sunday we will be going to church and sadly, attending a memorial service of a long time, dear friend's father whom passed away this week


  1. That's so sad about your friend's father. Love those ham biscuits...they're a southern staple around here. Happy St. Patrick's Day little Leo!!!

  2. How cute does Leo look! I can't believe how much snow fell, it was definitely lacking in snow this year up there for you guys so I'm glad you guys could enjoy it! Have a great weekend girl!

  3. Do yall have a Honey Baked Ham store? Try those sandwiches with honey baked ham if you do. Out of this world delish!!!!

    Leo is just so adorbs, as always!