Spring/Summer House Updates

Not going to lie, we have loved every bit of this March snow storm, but my eyes our on the spring/summer house updating prize!

We have a pretty long list of things we want to do to the house....some small...some big...but this summer we have three main projects.

1. Find a couch for the living room.
I can't believe I don't have better pictures of our living/dining room. I actually love the space, so hopefully I'll capture a few before pictures but if this gives you any idea...I'm looking for a new couch (and table for between those chairs). 

I have alluded to what I want (a bold, navy, textured couch.....less than thousands and thousands), but I haven't found the perfect one (although I'm determined that it exists. I've mainly done online browsing, and I'm hesitant to buy a couch we haven't touched and sat on, so I think we're going to make our way to Macy's furniture in Oak Brook in the coming month and try and find what we are looking for there. Or, maybe just risk an online buy.....time will tell...but I have a specific idea of what I want and I want to find it soon since furniture can take forever to ship.

Classic living room space:
Interiors Trend: Navy:
2. Back splash (and new cabinet hardware)

 We have our contractor coming in April to finish up some outside painting, and since he is a jack of all trades, we're going to have him quote us to do a back splash install. I'm curious if its a job we (Joel and his dad) can DIY, or if it's just easier (on our marriage) to have a professional. I don't want to spend tons because the kitchen will likely get a face lift in about 5 years. I really think this will make a big difference and warm up the kitchen a bit - plus its necessary. We had the entire house painted only 8 weeks ago, and already I'm seeing wear and tear behind our sink with paint chipping off. 
 kitchen mockup inspiration:
I love this subway tile with dark grout. Looks so good with the white cabinets and black counters!:  
LOVE the top glass cabinets...will be adding something similar to ours someday:

3. Patio space
This is the current place we want to create a patio. I'd like some kind of area from the steps down to around the fire pit.  We may stain the patio this summer but this is a pretty good idea of the space we are hoping to update.

 this picture was when our contractor's crew was hoping to move the swing set but it was frozen into the ground. I'm hoping this serves as a good "before" picture

This one is going to be the trickiest (HOA and probably going to need to consult a landscape architect) as well as the biggest project, but I think it will be a really fun space. We still haven't totally narrowed down what we want (brick (where I'm leaning), stone (where joel is leaning), gravel, or stamped concrete), but, these are the types of spaces that I'm loving.  We've talked about having our deck screened in down the line, so I'd like this to be a non-screened in space where we can have a water table, fire pit, and just have some non-grass space. Again, we are going to have our contractor quote us, but it's also a project that could possibly be done by ourselves. 

As summer days wind down, look forward to enjoying fall days and nights around…:  
Herringbone brick patio with black iron furniture.:  
Image result for stamped concrete patio

This is what I want when a I walk out my back door.....house on a lake.....a girl can dream!!!!:  
Photo Gallery - Epic Land Design    .......beyond the ordinary:

Funny that a lot of these patios are circular, I don't think I'd do that, but, clearly I'm drawn to it so who knows... 

Please throw your two cents in! We're still pretty sway-able on all of the above and would love some input! 


  1. Love the 3rd picture of the patio!!! I really like that "wall" built around and the stamped concrete!!!

  2. There is a Macy's furniture store near woodfield mall and the upstairs is an outlet section. At least it was there a couple years back when I bought a couch!

  3. Couch- check out Room & Board. There furniture is all really high quality/ well made, they have tons of fabric to choose from and their couches are great. I can't wait till we can replace our leather den couches with one of their sectionals. I just checked and it looks like they have stores and an outlet in the Chicago area. Maybe check out their outlet??
    I love all those patio ideas!! I can imagine you guys using it a ton for summer bbqs. I would probably steer clear of the gravel option, just because it's not super kid friendly. My brother got a piece of gravel stuck up his nose when he was 2 or 3.. Not fun!

  4. My husband is obsessed with us building a patio this spring. I don't really feel ready for all of that, but they are super nice once they are done. I love your inspiration photos! I'm also a huge fan of the navy blue sofa...it's ironic because my mom had a navy blue love seat from her single days that she let me use in college...who knew it was ahead of the curve! I think Macy's will bring a winner!

  5. We LOVE our two Macy's couches - sit on the stock colors in store and order it in a navy you love. That's how we got our bright persimmon orange couch!

  6. love the navy sofa and outdoor inspiration! We paid about $650 a couple years ago for plain white subway including the demo of the old backsplash.

  7. loving the navy couches and backsplashes! Can't wait to have a bbq on your new patio!!

  8. We have a stamped concrete patio. We also have 3 small children. It.is.the.worst. It gets so slick and slippery when it is wet (like from our water table or melting snow). My then-toddler had a nasty fall and I am constantly on edge whenever we are outside. It looks fantastic but it was not a good choice for our family in our current parenting stage.