Five on Friday

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 Hello September!! Welcome Autumn
I have been waiting for September 1st since they day we moved to Chicago, and I am SO excited. The last few days have been flirting with us, reminding us how delightful fall really is, and it's been awesome. Granted, this weekend we are supposed to get another few warm days, but that's besides the point. I'm hoping to come up with my Fall Bucket list next week - but I can assure you it includes lots of football which starts tomorrow! Woohoo!!
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The only thing that I haven't been able to find is pumpkin spiced coffee. I'm hoping that might hit the shelves today, so I may have to make a special trip to target later today. When I first fell in love with coffee, I was pregnant with Leo, and I have to say, my love is just never as strong as when I'm pregnant. I drink regular coffee, but even after dinner a cup of decaf always sounds good. I know a lot of pregnant women can't stand coffee, but for whatever reason, it is one of my top cravings. 
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 After a kickboxing class yesterday, a girlfriend of mine took our kids down to our local nature area/park...and it just happened to be so beautiful while we were there. I felt like we were transported to Georgia - and then all of the kids grabbed hands and we basically melted.

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 I'm really not a major sale shopper (#nsale or Lilly or whatever) but I did have some luck this week at Old Navy. Granted, I was in there to find some maternity items - I find that they're regular stuff  in their super stretchy material ( it's Luxe) is the best. I had a ton of luck with these tunics - I got two and they're both $11.99 - and a few of these swing dresses, so if you're in similar shoes (ie. preggo), give it a check!

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This is super random, but I've been just obsessing over Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren. They have two adorable daughters and Lauren's instagram is really darling (@laur_akins).

Which also makes me excited for another one of my favorite couples to get back on TV. Eric & Jessie come back to E! This next week. 

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Hope everyone has a great long weekend.

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  1. Ughhh I loooooove Thomas Rhett and his wife. They are seriously THEEEE cutest. Definitely going to have to check out those Old Navy dresses this weekend - thanks for the tip! :)

  2. I'm with you--I'm so excited for fall! I can't wait for everything to get even more festive. What park did you take the kids to? It looked so pretty on snapchat! And I literally have those tunics from Old Navy in like every color they carry. It's crazy flattering.

  3. Those are great finds from ON! I love that picture of Leo and your friend's children. That melts anyone's heart!

  4. Hi there - I'm stopping by from Leslie's blog! How far along are you? Those tunics are so adorable. I'm 38 weeks and very ready to dress in some cute clothes and shoes again. :)

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  6. If you want to really get into the fall spirit you must visit your local Home Goods! They have the cutiest fall decor!

  7. How did I not know Eric and Jessie are coming back?! I'm so excited! I'm one of those preggo's who normally loves coffee and chokes it down when I am pregnant. I wish we could trade! I swear as soon as Friday hit, the pumpkin spice hit the shelves everywhere. It has to be out now!