Long weekends always have a way of making me long for a detoxing and relaxing Monday - and this one especially has gotten the best of me!

Since Joel was off for Good Friday, we drove down to San Diego to visit with his brother Andrew and fiance Corie. They gave us such a great tour of their city - and I really liked the mini downtown's that San Diego has to offer. After Good Friday mass we had happy hour in old town, walked in mission city, and had dinner in little Italy. It was so nice to spend a full day with family.

Then...on our way home from San Diego...things got a little crazy.

To fill you in - when Joel got the job out here in California, I told him that if I moved across the country, I really wanted to get a puppy. You can read a little bit about it here as well. We only looked at apartments that allowed dogs, and the apartment we finally settled in allowed dogs with "management approval". So, about 4 weeks ago, we submitted a request to bring home a cockapoo. We had to agree on a breed, and since they are a good size, non-shedding, friendly dog, we figured we couldn't go wrong. On Friday, we spoke to our management company and they told us that we could go ahead with a cockapoo - music to my ears!

I had been in touch with a family in Long Beach (1/2 way between San Diego and Los Angeles) and I asked them if we could meet their puppy Saturday afternoon. When we got there, we instantly fell in love with their dog "popcorn", and scooped him and took him to our house within ten minutes.

We made a pitstop at Petco and our lives have been forever changed.

We feel like 1st time parents, and are still trying to figure out how the heck we're going to do this - but look at his face! It's hard not to be in love with our new puppy Roscoe (which was the street we lived on in Chicago).

Plus, even though we got this new puppy, we still had to host Easter! We had 12 people over, and it took quite a bit of prep work but it was such a success.

I was pretty bad about having my camera out, but here are a few of the shots I was able to take.

The casserole and loaves of bread were absolutely delicious. Both recipes are found here.

It was quite the weekend, and needless to say, I'm exhausted.....but Roscoe sure is not!


  1. HE IS SO CUTE!!! Definitely a good condition for getting you to move across the country!

  2. Aw! Very exciting. Congrats on your new addition! :)

  3. Absolutely adorable!!! :) It's tough at first, but definitely worth it!

  4. It looks like y'all had a lovely Easter with your new addition!

  5. What a cutie!!! Congrats, LOVE his name!

  6. Oh I can't even take how cute he is!! Everything looked awesome for Easter, too. What a great weekend you guys had!

  7. Eeeeekkkk!!! That sweet face...how could you not want him--I'd have taken him pronto too