• I'm loving California. There are negatives (like the excessive amount of time I spend in a car)....but, what I love is: 
    • the days feel longer
    • the sun is always shining
    • the birds are always chriping
    • the vibe is less stressful
    • a free week of yoga
    • my picturesque neighborhood
    • new friends
    • traveling the state
    • seeing the ocean 
  • I am loving that my day includes hot yoga and shopping
  • I am loving that we have family in California. Even though we don't have a lot, it's nice to have a few - makes me less homesick.
  • I am loving adding spinach to my morning smoothies. It's completely unnoticeable, and gives me a serving of veggies that I typically wouldn't get at breakfast.  
  • I am loving that I've been getting my fill of morning TV shows. 
  • I am loving that we are heading down to San Diego on Friday to visit Joel's brother and future SIL.


  1. Where are you doing hot yoga?! I have been dying to try it but haven't found a good place on yelp. Have fun in SD this weekend. Another one of my favorite cities!

  2. So great to hear that you love CA so far! It sounds wonderful!