The Office

With my new job, I'll be working from home 2-3 days a week, so I needed to establish a place in our condo where I can camp out from 9-5. And since the guest room makes the most sense Roscoe is going to be the best co-worker I've had to date.
A few weeks ago I spotted this fabulous desk at World Market for only $199 and I knew quickly that it was the desk I wanted to make mine. Joel wasn't impressed with the lack of storage but it looks so perfect in the guest room room and since I'm the one who will be using it most he was left with little choice ;)

I like the fact that the desk doesn't make the room look too "officey" and it got high marks from InStyle.
It's not styled and needs a few more pieces (lamp, flowers, etc.) and hopefully it'll end up turning up something like this.
via Breakfast At Toast
And while I was at World Market I couldn't pass up this cute dog bone hook.


  1. LOVE the desk!! And for $199, that isn't bad!!

  2. Love it! My desk looks similar and even though it lacks storage the looks def make up for it.

  3. Love the desk! I'm also a huge fan of key/leash hooks.. love the dog bone!

  4. Love the desk! And the Erin Condren planner! :)