Unsolicited Advice

Ever since bringing Roscoe into our lives we've started talking to about 36x more strangers. Everyone loves to stop and pet him, hold him, and gawk at him. And lord knows I can't blame them!

However, with all of these new faces, lots of new opinions have been thrown our way. And, quite honestly, it's getting really annoying.

For example, this morning as I took Roscoe for an hour walk/run, a lady screamed at us from across the road and said, "you're basically dragging him". I said, "Oh I know, he hates walks".....and then proceeded to tell me that I'm using the wrong collar and leash.

Ya, lady? Nobody asked you.

I had a guy a few days ago pull over his car and strike up a conversation about our little furball.. Seemingly sweet, until he started to scold me on the fact that we started puppy school too early for Roscoe. "He is not going to retain anything, you really should have waited until he was 6 months".

Ya, buddy? Nobody asked you.

Unless you see me strapping my dog to the roof of my car and driving 150 mph throughout the neighborhood, you should probably just stick to petting the dog and exchanging formalities.


  1. oh my goodness, i hear its even worse once you have a human kid. sounds like you're handling it pretty well, id get rude!

  2. What is wrong with people? Everytime someone does that to me I just freeze up with nothing witty to say. 10 minutes later my head is full of good comebacks! Happens every time..dammit!

  3. Just wait til you have kiddos. I hear it gets worse. ;)

  4. haha that's crazy... people are funny.