House Needs

We've got the house basically in working order, but there's a few more purchases & projects that I would really like to complete before I go back to work.

I'm going to pick up the World Market desk in the next day, and that will make it's home in our second bedroom/my office. I love the look of the white lacquer, and I think it's equal parts girly and classic. I'll need a pretty silver lamp for it and a glass jar of pretty flowers. For the time being I'm going to keep my gross black office chair but once I find a comfortable and more stylish option, I'll swap it out.

The other project that I'm insisting I finish is the kitchen chalkboard. There is a long, narrow space in my kitchen that is screaming for a chalkboard and I know if I keep waiting, I'll never get that project done.

For the skyline picture, it's a matter of ordering a print to be framed behind our dining table - which I think will be a nice homage to home. And the headboard table is going to take a little more convincing on my part, since Joel doesn't see the need for a headboard. But, what do boys know?


  1. Ohh I just LOVE that desk! it's adorable :)

    Ps. Your puppy... there are no words for how cute he is!

  2. Oh, you NEED a headboard. It doesn't need an explanation. Tell him it's like leaving the house without shoes. You just need to have one. It finishes a room and elevates it from student-living-mattress-on-the-floor look to we're-so-fancy-and-on-top-of-it-all-we-have-a-headboard look.

    If that FAILS, you can get some canvasas / panels and cover them with fabric and hang them like they were a headboard. But, I like the headboard idea much better (for the record).

  3. That table is great. I think it's so interesting and neat.