Hosting Easter

Since I'm not able to travel back home to spend Easter with family, I decided that I wanted to host an Easter brunch for some of our new friends.

We're going to have about 8 people on Easter morning, and not only is it the 1st holiday I've ever hosted, but it's the first brunch I've ever hosted as well!

We don't have seating for everyone, so I'm going to keep it super casual and go buffet style.

We're also going to use paper plates from Target, which I got in two different designs, similar to the picture. It'll make life so much easier, and hopefully encourage the laid back vibe.

For drinks, I'm going to set up a little bar station with bottomless mimosa's, beer, and pink lemon-aid.

After scouring pintrest, I've decided on the following for our menu.


Mini bagels & lox

Cookies & Candy

I'm also planing to get a few fresh flower bouqets, and make a similar sign to hang behind our dining room table.
Hopefully the weather will be beautiful and our friends will all have a wonderful time. 

I'll be back on Monday with a full report!


  1. So sweet.. I'm sure you will be the hostest with the mostest!

  2. Those fruit skewers look so good! I love them!