What I'm Doing Right

When it comes to living a healthful life, there are plenty of things that I do wrong (+1 glass of wine, too many bagels, not stretching, etc.) - but rather on focus on the negative I'm trying to reward and reinforce what I'm doing right.

1. Healthy breakfast everyday: This girl doesn't ever miss a meal - and especically never breakfast. It's by far my most healthy meal of the day. I try to keep it void of any and all carbs, since I pack plenty of those at lunch and dinner. Right now I'm on a green smoothie kick.

If I'm out of enough fruit for a smoothie, I'll typically have oatmeal with berries or yogurt - with one cup of coffee.

2. H20: I drink far more than the recommended 8 cups a day. I like to drink out of a straw so I keep these two bottles ready for action! I also try to keep a pitcher of water infused with lime and I'm borderline obsessed with La Croix.
3. Exercise: If I'm having a good week, I will break a sweat about 4 times a week. Since I don't have a gym in California yet, I've had to get creative. Runs, hikes, power walks, free yoga classes, and bike rides have helped keep me busy and active. I've been working out pretty regularly since I was a junior in high school, and I feel so much better at the end of the day if I can sneak it in.

4. Sleep: I'm an early bird. Early to bed (10pm) and early to rise (6am). I love having a slow morning.

 5. Relaxing: You gotta keep yourself relaxed and calm to live a healthy life and I've never slacked on this one! I know if I need a mental health day, or need some pampering, a glass bottle of wine, or just a bath and a book.
6. Dinner's at home: We try to eat dinner at home (on a good week) 4 times. I pretty much figure that no matter what I make it's healthier and lower calorie than anything you could order from a restaurant. I like having control of what I cook my fish in, and how much dressing goes on my salad.

7. Reading: They say if you do crossword puzzles or mind games and keep actively reading at a young age you can prevent Alzheimer's in your life.
My current read
 8. Blogs/Magazines: I love learning about the latest in health and fitness so everyday I keep up with the following sites that give me new reciepes, different workouts, and other tips to try in order to stay healthy.
  • Fitsugar.com
  • Hungrymeetshealthy.com
  • Skinnytaste.com
  • Tinybuddha.com
9. Walking: Mr. Roscoe is sure helping me get my 2,000 steps in a day, even though he absolutely hates going for walks.

10. Fish Oil: I freeze my fish oil which really helps keep the after taste at bay - but I try and take 2 frozen pills with breakfast.

There are plenty of areas that I can make some improvements on (this list is long, really), but I enjoy focusing on good health, and I've learned this past year that if you don't have your health you really, really don't have anything.


  1. Love this post friend!! It's so easy to forget all the good things we're doing and I think your positivity is wonderful ;)

  2. So many people have been talking about the green smoothie. I tihnk I need to get on the band wagon!

  3. What do you put in your green smoothies? I've been seeing them everywhere but am still not 100% sure what goes in them. You're definitely doing a lot of things right when it comes to your health!

  4. Are you reading 50 shades?? We are reading it for book club and Im in love!

  5. The water definitely balances out the wine! I need to get on the smoothie kick..looks yum!