Book Talk

Aside from the Hunger Games, I really only like to watch and/or read things that make me happy. Quite frankly, I try to live by this mantra:

Maybe some people think that's a wee bit naive and even ignorant - but that's okay with me. There is absolutely no point for me to add additional fear, anxiety, or sadness to my life. Especially when I'm doing things like reading and watching movies or tv, because that time for me is all about relaxation!

If you are in the same kind of boat and like to read beach reads all year round, I just finished up a really easy and funny book that I wanted to share.

It's a few years dated, but it aims to please! *Plus, I love the main character's name...Frede ("freddy") Isn't that fabu.



  1. I think that book looks excellent! Putting it on my list.

  2. You are my book twin! I love reading anything light and fluffy.