This first week back has clearly made me look for lots of black in my closet, and I think it’s because I somehow associate work with black. Ya feel me?

Luckily work was pretty chill this week. It included lots of free lunches and even a stop at the famous Pinkberry! 

I’m not entirely sure what my day-to-day job is going to look like, but I’ll be perfectly fine finding out since training has been rather lovely!

This weekend we have tons of chores to accomplish: puppy school, cleaning, exercising (yes, a chore), errands, etc. but I’m looking forward to enjoying every bit of it!



  1. love the top and shoes in the second picture! The first week of work is always so fun! I wish every week of work could be like the first. Enjoy it! :)

  2. Looking cute...as always! Congrats on getting through your first week. Happy weekend! Xo