Friday Five!

1. Yesterday I finished all of our wedding thank you notes. We had 236, very generous guests, so it took me 2 straight weeks of doing thank you notes everyday for an hour. To celebrate - I'm going to host a stationery giveaway on Monday - so make sure to come back and visit! confetti toss
2. Joel has a work trip in Nashville next week, and since most of his family lives there, he is taking off early to spend some time with everyone. Even though I will miss him, the thought of being home alone always makes me excited. I'm having some girls over tonight for homemade pizza and wine, and then tomorrow after a hike I'm watching tons of chick-flicks and ordering in take out.


3. It's been really nice to be back to working out without the pressure I was putting on myself for the wedding. Now, instead feeling like I have to go SoulCycle - I'm just going because I really like it. 

good advice.

4. One of my best friends, since high school, has been living and working in South Korea for the last year and a half. The last time I saw her was at my aunt's funeral last March, a week before she left. She is coming back to the United States and making a 4-day pit stop in Los Angeles - which just about made my freaking week! I can't wait to get my hands on her!

5. Since we've been home, I've tried to give our condo a facelift. The job is never done, but this week I added some new plants, (and succulents, mom) to try and spruce it up a bit. It's not big, but it's nice to have a little room outside.

The ongoing to-do list is long - but I'm determined to finally get a headboard for our master, find some new, monogrammed hand towels for the bathrooms, and update some of the"art".

Have a fabulous weekend.
never let fear decide your fate


  1. I am so impressed with you for finishing your thank-yous so quickly! It's straight embarrassing how long it took me to complete mine :\

    I am just like you -- I love having the boy around, but I certainly don't mind a solo weekend here and there to just veg out, drink wine, watch trashy TV and girly movies, and get Chinese takeout!

  2. I love your patio! I wish we had nice enough weather in Texas so I could spruce up my back yard and have something like that!

    Way to go on the thank you notes! I remember sitting down and doing mine-I couldn't wait to get them sent off-it was a sigh of relief!


  3. Congrats on finishing the thank you notes! Your Saturday night sounds a bit like my night tonight, a little me time is important for everyone! Have fun at girls night tonight!

  4. personally, i think you should join in the family festivities and hop on over to NASHVILLE and see me :)

    look at your bad self on the thank you writing... i was like you though and wanted to get them done and out so i could move on to other things...like new stationery!! can't wait to see

  5. I am BEYOND impressed at your Thank You skills. Does that mean you had 236 gifts total, or that you had 236 guests and hopefully like 2/3 of that was gifts and so you only had to write 158 Thank Yous? I have a feeling it's 236. Your poor hands. Luckily, we've just tipped over 200 potential guests, so my fingers are so much less tired. Probably.

    Yay for girls nights!! That's SO what I'm hoping for with my bachelorette party next weekend!! Wine and girl time!

    Woof, working out. I actually ran like a kinda legit runner this morning, totally freaked myself out.

    Yay for making a house a home :)

  6. Holy thank you notes! I can't even imagine...