Yo, Shorty

Living in California, and working from home, my everyday uniform changed a full 180 from what it once was, working and living in downtown Chicago.

I love Loft's cotton, graphic shorts. I go up one size because there are few things I hate more than tight shorts. 

Loft is cleaning out their summer inventory, so I snagged these to add to my collection.


Since California's summer lasts all the way until October/November, you will probably find me on this constant wardrobe rotation.

OPreese witherspoon.
 Are you a shorty kinda girl?


  1. Look at you and all your cute outfits! LOVE the shorts and definitely the easiest way to stay cool in the summer heat! Have a great week!

  2. Minus exercise shorts, I don't think I've worn shorts in over 2 years. But maybe I'll have to try some on next time I'm in a LOFT store.

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  4. Nothing worse than tight shorts. Love LOFT and love the Reese Witherspoon inspiration pic. She has the best style.

  5. I really wanted to buy a ton of those this year!

  6. Oh I LOVE shorts now that I lost some weight. I bought two pairs last summer that still fit but are much more loose on me so I ordered 5 more this summer a size smaller, 2 of which are printed. I love them!

  7. I sure am! And Loft has the BEST selection. Totally obsessed with yours. You look absolutely adorable, love. If you get a sec, I've got some super exciting news I'm sharing on my blog today. I'd love if you'd check it out. xo