Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Luncheon

By Friday morning, all of the wedding preparations were done and out of our hands - and it was just time to enjoy the ride.

Joel flew into Chicago late Thursday night so we were in county office in Walworth, Wisconsin first thing Friday morning.. I was anxious that my birth certificate wasn't certified, but it was, and we were officially licensed to wed. 


Joel, his brothers, and dad had planned to go kayaking on Lake Geneva, but there were strong storms all day on Friday - so they went bowling and bar hopping instead.

My bridal party and I had manicures at The Grand Geneva Spa and then had a lunch planned back at the hotel.

Even though it was storming, it was so fun to get our nails done as a group and start the weekend of endless champagne.

We were so loud, and obnoxious excited that we had all of the spa technicians hysterically laughing.



This was my main wedding group for all of the festivities, and part of what made this weekend so perfect. This group just meshed and became one family, and it was amazing. Each one of them offered a little something different to making the weekend perfect and it just wouldn't have been the same without them all by my side.

Our original plan was to have a luncheon outside after the spa but since the storms rolled in, that idea quickly went to the wayside.

Luckily, there was a private room open at the Chop House inside the resort so we were all about to sit together as a big group - and they were able to keep my "lake-side" menus.


3 generations

My bridesmaids and I stayed together in a suite on Friday night so after the luncheon we went back to the room to relax - and have more champagne - before the rehearsal.


  1. I love your necklace, mind sharing where it is from?

  2. Thanks! It's from Francesca's

  3. Awesome! I love that store!! Congrats on your marriage!

  4. Aw, your spa time looks awesome...what a sweet way to spend time with your girls before the big day!