Weekend Recap



We had another fantastic weekend with lots of friend, lots of food, and a few really awesome experiences.

Friday night I had a girlfriend come over for a drink after work. There is nothing like a cold glass of wine on Friday in good company. Shelby ended up staying for dinner, our good friend - and neighbor Matt - joined in the fun too, and I made everyone a homemade curry. Too much fun and tequila impeded on my picture taking - so I'm making it again this Friday and photo documenting the whole way though. It was so good, and really easy. 

Saturday morning Shelby and I took our dogs on a hike in Westridge canyon. Both of our dogs go off leash and on this hot morning they found a shaded spot under a few trees. They were sitting there for 10 seconds when they got warned with a rattle from a 4 foot rattle snake.
Can you spot him? That's his skinny tail.
I've never heard a rattle snake like this before, and it was the scariest and loudest sound I could have ever imagined. I knew if I ran away from the scene, Roscoe would follow, so we sprinted away and I got him on a leash right away. All of the other dogs were ok, but it could have gone much differently. We obviously ended the hike then and there.

Saturday night was our "underground" dinner with Foodshop. I wasn't sure how dressy the event would be but I ended up appropriately dressed in jeans, a blazer, and heels. 


 The location for dinner was in warehouse attached to an art gallery in downtown Venice. 


The warehouse was small, but housed one long table that sat about fifty of us for dinner. All of the serving ware was mismatched and eclectic, the lights were dim, and the crowd was fun and outgoing as soon as we walked in. I was a little apprehensive about the night, but once we sat down, we knew we were in for a treat.


Before they started serving dinner , they served everyone a gin gimlet - which was awesome. Then, came their enormous - and spectacular dinner. It started with homemade lemon and tomato foccacia bread and a grape salad - smoked mussels, grilled artichoke, steak frites, and a stone fruit ice cream with grilled peaches followed.

We were there for almost four hours - and every hour was more fun. We met such amazing people, had top notch Michelin style food and took in one of the coolest dining experiences I've ever had. 
On Sunday, we tried to fit in a quick workout to makeup for all of the eating we did the night before - but I'm not sure much of it helped.

We spent the day at a bar in Santa Monica - Kings Head - to watch the Gold Cup soccer finals.


I'm not a huge soccer fan, but being in a room with a bunch of fans and getting into the energy of the game is always fun. And, it sure does make me excited for college football to start up again.

This week we are trying out for a tennis group - and hoping to get California licenses. Wish us luck on both accounts! Ha!



  1. Yay for fun weekends. Also, your posts always make me hungry!

  2. Yall sound like you had a great weekend! Love hearing about the underground dinner, it looks like so much fun! Have a great week!

  3. Was the dinner group food as great as what you expected?

  4. Eek to the rattlesnake! I couldn't see it, but I'm pretty blind when it comes to those finding pictures. lol

    Glad the underground dinner was such a success!

  5. I'd freak if I saw that snake! Haha!

  6. That dinner sounds like so much fun! How did you guys get invited?